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My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy.

What is it like to live in Seville? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Seville is one of the prettiest cities in Spain, it is beautiful because of its monuments and during Easter. I love the atmosphere there throughout the whole year, as soon as you go out and find people in the street singing as if you were at a "sports party"... The climate is great as well because it doesn't rain very much and its not very cold. When the good weather comes, from February onwards, the river area is great and studying becomes an impossible mission, but there is time for everything :)

My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy.


What is the student lifestyle in Seville?

There are a lot of students and university atmosphere as there are two universities (Pablo de Olavide and Sevilla). I have been in the Faculty of Law of the University of Seville and there are always people around the faculty, as well because the library (bunker) of the faculty is open 24h. In addition, just outside, there are a lot of bars and pubs that make you want to have a coffee or a few beers, which after class becomes mandatory.

My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy. source

How much does it cost to live in Seville?

Seville is not cheap but it is also not expensive. It is cheaper than Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. A student flat is about €200 a month with more for light and water, although the price depends on the area.

My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy. source

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Seville? Do you have any advice?

You will have no problem finding accommodation. There are lots of residences and student flats. Even in the faculties there are adverts where they search for flatmates, as well as information through agencies.

What is the food like there? What are some of your favourite dishes?

The best thing is to go out and have some tapas and snacks, they are cheap and there's a great variety of food.

What places would you recommend visiting in Seville?

You can visit the Plaza de España (main square), the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the Gold Tower, the Cathedral, "Las Setas", that is to say, the whole of the central area of Triana and Nervión. You can also take advantage of visiting other cities nearby because there are a lot of cheap modes of transport.

My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy.


And to eat in Seville? What are some of your favourite places to go?

There are many places to go in Seville. My favourite places, because there are good and cheap are: "Los Coloniales", "La Gitana loca", "El Papelón"... Through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood there are loads of tapas places that are great.

Where would you recommend for a night out in Seville?

Any day of the week is great for going out in Seville, there are good vibes everywhere you go. You can go to clubs (Kudeta, Casino, Bilindo, Abril, Antique, Hoyo 19... ), on Sundays Vestiario is great, there are flamenco singers and the atmosphere is amazing. If you prefer for going out for beers then go to Alameda and Alfalfa! It will always be a 10/10 no matter what day of the week.

My Erasmus Experience in Seville, Spain. By Rosy. source

Do you have any advice for students coming to Seville in the future?

Enjoy every moment you spend in this city, with its people and the experience. You will end up falling in love with it, like me!

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