San Pedro Church

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Bread and golden beauty

Hello everyone! I hope you all are good. Today I'd like to share with you my visit to one of the most beautiful churches that the historical centre of Lima could have, located strategically in the jirón Ucayali (area of the city). The church of San Pedro can be identificated by its yellow-coloured fassade and it belonged to the Jesuit order during the colonial era.

The church of San Pedro is one of my favourite ones in the historical centre of Lima, since I've been tremendously in love with it since I first saw it.

My memories

Last May I took advantage of my trip there to go past this church and takes some pictures of it, which reminds me, together with the church of San Francisco, of my times as a Tourism student in San Marcos. In those years, Lima city centre was becoming my second home and I was more and more concerned about reading and learning the history of my city to share it with my friends and add it to my general knowledge.

The last time I entered the church of San Pedro in Lima I noticed that some parishioners were sitting around a table, so I could not make any noise in order not to disturb them. On the other hand, besides the Cathedral, this church is the most asked one by partners, since its decoration is one of the most beautiful ones of Lima downtown.

Attached here a picture of the mayor altar of San Pedro church:


Its wooden gates are also a part of its beauty, mostly due to their "teatina" decorating the fassade. As I mentioned previously in my first publication about San Pedro of Lima, this was the only church of the colonial Lima which has 3 gates, and during those times only the cathedral could have this rank.

The view both of the inside and the outside is inspiring, especially when the night falls down and the fassades brighten up in the middle of the dark sky, giving the church the sense of mystery that the city of Lima keeps for each of us.


Each of its side alterpieces is finely decorated and also has an historical outline of itself. I remember that one of my friends, who studied Art History, once lent me a book beloning to her grandfather which had more than 100 pages uniquely about the church of San Pedro. The art of this church is wider than its investigations.


Placa del recuerdo (the memory plaque)

Not only can religious information be found, but also information related to the history of Perú as far as the Chilean war is concerned, which took place in the XIX century and is also knows as the Pacific War. Perú lost this war and it San Pedro square there's a commemorative plaque showing the faith of the fathers of the Society of Jesus in order to welcome the shaman from the Andes. Do you know who he is? Nobody else than Andres Avelino Caceres.


To get to Lima city centre there's more than one possibility. I suggest you take the underground, line C or A, if you're coming from the north.

As we have seen, the church of San Pedro is one of the most interesting ones jewels existing in the historical centre of Lima. It's a free-visit place where you must drop in while visiting the city of the kings. If you were to get married one day, make sure to do as much as possible to get married in this church as it's one of the most demanded ones in Lima.

Thank you very much for reading my report and we'll see you soon next time!

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