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Barranco’s bridge of sighs

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Ask for you wish when coming here!

Translated by Diana Kankanyan — one year ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hi everyone! I hope that each one of you is doing very well. Each district of Lima has an icon and something that makes them different from each other, in the specific case of Barranco, which is known as the bohemian neighborhood of Lima and of painters and poets, we can not deny that one of its main attractions is a bridge known as the bridge of sighs.

The principal symbol of Barranco’s district


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Surroundings of the bridge of sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is located on what is the bathing slope, one of the most beautiful places in the district where you can take pictures. In the middle of bars like Santos and Picas, as well as monuments such as the Ermita de Barranco and also the monument of Chabuca Granda with his chalan on horse that represents one of his songs called "José Antonio".


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Ask for your wish! and walk holding your breath

The bridge of the sighs has been remodeled last year and today it looks more illuminated, however I want to share a secret or rather something you have to do anyway if it's the first time you see it, since what is said is that if you pass the bridge for the first time you must hold your breath and cross the bridge while you also have to make a wish, so you already know, ask for a wish when you know it.


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I recommend you

Finally, I recommend taking a stroll down the bathing slope, either on the upper part that will take you to a viewpoint or on the lower part that will guide you to the Barranco beach and of course not to mention the best anticuchos from Lima Uncle Mario! That is on the side of this.


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I hope you liked this little description of a place you can meet in the city of Lima! Thank you very much for reading these stories and references of places that take us back to time and make us think that Lima does have the right to be a better city to live in. Until soon, lovers of Lima! Let's continue knowing more about our city to love it to the fullest.

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