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Magic Water Circuit

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Something to get out of the routine while in Lima!

Translated by Gerardo Iannacci — one year ago

Original text by Yomira Guillen

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Lima!

I suggest to go there after 6 p. m. when the sun starts to set and the darkness of the night allows you to witness spectacles of light glimmering on the water surface!

We are talking about a park filled with pools which launch water of different shapes and colours, and definitely you should bring a change of clothes cause you'll get wet, oh yes you will!

Plus there are places where you can get some food and try typical desserts from Lima such as picarones, cachangas rellenas, mazamorra morada, suspiros a la limeña and much more!

A big open space that you can enjoy together with your family breaking the usual routine while discovering a bit more of our city!


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