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The "paseo de agua" in Rimac

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The place built as a token of love

Translated by Kate Norman — one year ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone!

I hope that each one of you is well.

There are places that keep stories of love within them; a particular kind of beauty. Very few people have crossed the Trujillo bridge during their trips to the centre of Lima: not many have been able to get to know the monuments on the other side of it. Here the district of Rimac begins, a district that was known in the past as the barrio de San Lázaro.


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A history of love

What I would like to share with every one you in this article is an avenue which, according to tradition, is linked to a promise of love between the Viceroy of Peru, Amat y Juniet and his lover Perricholi. This was a love that could be heard throughout hypocritical Colonial Lima that could not tolerate the representative of the King of Peru having a relationship with an artist like Perricholi. She was nothing more than a teenager, whilst the Viceroy could easily be her grandfather... There was a large age difference!


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I will put the moon at your feet

It is said that Michiquita Villegas, also known as Perricholi, said to the Viceory that he should not stop his courtship of her until he placed the moon at her feet. Do you know what he did? Nothing less than create this monument, it has an arch that stands exactly where, when water falls and the moon rises, it is reflected in the water - or so the story goes. Michiquita, after this token of love was built for her, finally allowed herself to succumb to the Viceroy's love.

The style of this place

The "Paseo de Aguas" is one of the most interesting places that we can find in the Rímac district, not only for telling us a story, but also for exhibiting a French Rococo architectural style. Its construction was started in the 18th century, between the years 1770 and 1776.


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Good news!

On the other hand, I would like to give you a piece of good news in respect to the Paseo de Aguas, recently it has been remodelled so that it can be visited during the night and you can see the illumination of colours in the water for yourself. You can sense the love that drove the Viceroy Amat to build this. If you would like to see a little video of the real lights of this iconic city, you can click on this link here.

I hope that you have liked this post about a little place in the city of Lima tha you can discover! Thank you for reading this article and facts about places that transcend time and make us think that Lima has the right to be the best city to live in!

Until next time, Lima-lovers.

The place built as a token of love

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