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The Park of Love

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Lima's Romantic Park

Translated by Jessica Shephard — 9 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hi friends! I hope you are all well.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about one of the most romantic parks in Lima, in the touristic area of Miraflores. The park I'm referring to is the “Parque del Amor” (Park of Love), within which is the monument of El Beso (the kiss), a statue of a man and a woman who are embraced and kissing, a sign of their love and affection:



The park was opened on 14th February 1993, and El Beso was the work of the Peruvian artist Víctor Delfín. The sculpture is approximately twelve metres wide and three metres tall. By night it is lit up and can be seen from certain parts of Miraflores' Cisneros Pier.

The beauty of the park is not only found in this sculpture in the park's centre (which, as I already mentioned, is illuminated by night and surrounded by loved up couples sitting on the nearby benches), but also in the incredible views. The park sits in an elevated position next to the Pacific Ocean and some of Miraflores' beaches where people go to sunbathe and to surf. They are not sandy beaches, but instead are covered in pebble stones.

It's not unusual that a during a tour of the city of Lima a short 15 minute stop should be made in front of the park so that the tourists can get off the tour bus to take photos of the sunset (which truly is impressive).

Lima is the only South American capital city that sits on the Pacific Ocean and sharing this view with your partner is a unique experience. On the other hand, if you are single, you can still visit it alone. Just be sure to avoid it on 14th February because if not, you'll find it full of couples sharing kisses and flower vendors who will follow you until you give in and buy one! It's also typical for there to be competitions of the longest kiss on this day which celebrates love and friendship.



Amongst the park's attractions are different mosaics with romantic words and phrases. You can walk around the edge of the park and take some incredible photos with the view in the background or with these mosaic structures that offer words of eternal love.

Amongst these phrases of Peruvian authors written on the mosaics are:

  • “Te desvisto como quien pela una fruta” ("I undress you like someone peeling fruit") Jorge Díaz Herrera
  • “A ti como la luz del mundo a las ventanas” ("to you like the world's light shining through the windows") Juan Gonzalo Rose
  • “Somos un poco la sombra de lo que fuimos” ("We're a bit like a shadow of what we were") Oscar Valdivia
  • “Amor es solo un pájaro que deambula” ("Love is just a bird that wanders") Rocío Romina Bances
  • “Mi sueño es una isla perdida” ("My dream is a lost island") Alberto Vega
  • “Canta Amor desnúdate” ("Sing my love, undress yourself") Rodolfo Hinostroza
  • “Tú estás por encima del infinito mar” ("You are above the infinite sea") Augusto Tamayo Vargas
  • “Estupendo amor amar el mar” ("Wonderful love, love the sea") Jorge Eduardo Eielson
  • “Me quemo para no ver el sitio vacío de tu cuerpo” ("I'm burning to not see the empty space of your body") Washington Delgado
  • “También amándonos conoceremos el dolor” ("Loving eachother we'll also know pain") Abelardo Sánchez León
  • “Mi recuerdo es más fuerte que tu olvido” ("My memory is stronger than your forgetting") Carlos A. Salaverry
  • “Amor gran laberinto” ("Love, great labyrinth") Sebastián Salazar Bondy

Closeby there is also a small tourist information stand providing information about Miraflores, where you can go to find out where to go next once you have seen the park.



In order to get to the park, you must first reach what's known in Lima as the Green Coast. There are two routes which are used most: the first goes from Park Kennedy, also known as the Oval of Miraflores, and from there it is a straight path towards Malecón Balta. On the way you'll come across two choices, a path that goes downwards towards the beach or a second path that goes upwards directly to the Park of Love. Taking the second path, you'll pass a private clinic as well as a centre for English language called El Británico. If it is open when you pass I would urge you enter to have a look as there may be a photo exhibition taking place.

The second route begins at the Larcomar shopping centre, also found on the Green Coast, and from there you walk north on the pier (or to the right). On the way you'll come across various people hiking as well as people taking photos and tall buildings looking out to sea. You'll cross a bridge known as Balta Bridge, which is said to be protected by tall transparent walls due to cases of citizens of Lima attempting suicide by jumping off, thinking there is no better place to do so than next to the Park of Love. This area is amongst those with the best views of Lima, facing the sea yet within the city.

Another thing that, without doubt, adds to the Park of Love is Raimondi Park where if you dare you can perform paragliding over the city. The cost starts at 50 dollars and it lasts about fifteen minutes. If you really want to do paragliding then you should bear in mind that it depends a lot on the weather and wind on the day. It is done with another person and provides an incredible view of the Green Coast of Lima.



To be honest, I still haven't been paragliding as in truth it seemed very expensive when I originally wanted to do it. When I finally decided I was going to do it a couple of years ago, I took my mother and brother with me so that they could watch me in the air but unfortunately, I had bad luck that day as there was no wind! So I was left still really wanting to go paragliding. When I return to my city it's one of the things I want to do as it is a sport that really stands out to me and I want to experience it at least once in my life.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this small summary of Miraflores' Park of Love. Do go and see it, it's free and has a beautiful view of Lima! See you in next time in another post about my city. Thanks for reading!

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