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Alameda Chabuca Granda

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La Alameda in the center of Lima

Translated by Anna Snyder — 2 years ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you about a place that I like very much in the center of Lima, known as La Alameda Chabuca Granda. This is an avenue that is found along the coast of the Rio Rimac in the center of Lima, and with a view of the San Cristobal Hill, which is the iconic hill of the city.

La Alameda in the center of Lima


Chabuca Granda, for those who know a little of her history, was a Peruvian Creole singer, very well-known for her song "La Flor de la Canela, " "El Puente de los Susprios, " "Jose Antonio, " and many others. This singer wasn't born in Lima, but in the region of Apurimac. But when she moved to Lima (the capital) she ventured into this musical genre and began her artistic development. Today there is nobody from Lima who has never heard "La Flor de la Canela. "

La Alameda in the center of Lima

When you go to the beach, you will see a red monument that, depending on how you see it, you will have two options of what it appears to be. To be honest, when I was a boy, I thought that it was a heron, but it's not only an animal. If you look from the right location, it looks like a woman holding a handkerchief and dancing one of Peru's most well-known dances, "La Marinera".

The park in Lima's center has different benches, some round, others square, and others shaped like amphitheatres, in which on weekends famous comedians come together, people who draw in your attention as they make jokes about each other. Usually, on Saturdays and Sundays the amphitheatres of Chabuca are filled with such people, and if you want to you can pass by to listen for a moment. But always be careful with your things.

La Alameda in the center of Lima

The Alameda Chabuca Granda is a park with a stone staircase, and you will find around it many ice cream shops, a bar known as "El Balcón, " from the second floor, and an area where people sell souvenirs.

Usually there are also artisan markets, where you can find bags, shirts, key rings, hats, Peruvian decorations. If you find it alone, you will see them mostly during the morning and afternoon.

Additionally, you will see many people walking along the avenue, as this would be the entrance to Lima when you are coming from the North, and you will go down an avenue known as the Via Evitamiento. Always when I go to the center of Lima, I have to go by this avenue and walk along my traditional route.

If you go to Chabuca Granda during the night, you will find many sorts of people who sell different candies and sweets, like Suspiros a la Limeñas, Mazamorra Morada, Leche Azada, Crema Volteada, and many other sweet things.

There are also traditional dishes, like Anticuchos (skewered meat) with rachi and pancita, for a price of approximately 7 soles. This avenue is a place to experience something new, like the taste of pastries that you want to try. I assure you, they are delicious as well as safe to eat, and at a far cheaper price than what you will find in Miraflores.

La Alameda in the center of Lima

Many years ago, this avenue didn't exist, and in its place there was a Market known as "Polvos Azules". I don't have many memories of that, but I do have one small memory of when my dad brought me one time along one of the many walks leading to the city center. Then the travelers had to be relocated and moved to another commercial center along the expressway, which continues bearing the same name, "Polvos Azules. "

Another point of entry is that every weekend, close to the Rayitos de Sol Bridge, anyone who goes towards La Via Evitamiento (if they take the bus) but turning to the left will find a mini park inside the same avenue where they have gastronomic fairs for the public with attractive prices. For around 10 soles, you will be able to enjoy and sit down at one of the tables while you listen to some musical performance, like, for example, a Creole song, a cumbia, or a song that's popular in Lima. If so, sometimes the singers will ask for some participation from their listeners.

La Alameda de Chabuca Granda, for me, is a picturesque place in Lima and it's worth your time to visit it, whether by day or night or any time in between. It's a reality of the people of Lima, and it would be great if you take the opportunity to walk through it. It won't cost you anything, and you will still be in the city center, along the coast of the Palace of the Government.

I hope that you enjoyed this commentary, and I invite you to check it out. Until next time!

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