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    Changua, or Egg Stew

    Today's recipe is for a traditional food of Bogotá and in general of the cold cities of Colombia. This is because this soup is served hot, and it can be eaten for breakfast as well as for a regular meal. I personally am familiar with it because my dad is from the north...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus recipes, 2 years ago
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    House of Peruvian Literature

    Hello to all those who love the wonderful city of Kings! It is said that to meet with literature is to travel to a world full of surprises, in which you can in one way or another rediscover yourself. Reading makes us free, and to find a place where you can let loose...

    by Anna in What to see Lima, 2 years ago
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    Peruvian Pickled Chicken: Will 100% Have You Licking Your Fingers :)

    Hello to all chefs and lovers of the gastronomic world! On this occasion, I want to teach you how to prepare a recipe that will have you licking your fingers. This is a Peruvian dish that I learned how to prepare thanks to the lessons of my beloved mother whom I visited...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus blog Lima, 2 years ago
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    Sweet Peanuts

    Hello to all the chefs of the world! Today I want to teach you how to prepare a fast and easy candy that you can make at home. When I learned how to make this candy, I remember when I was a boy and along with my mom I prepared it to sell to my aunts and uncles, so that...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus recipes, 2 years ago
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    How To Make a Good Picante Sauce

    My Family's Picante Sauce Source There's one thing that I always enjoy in foods, and that is when they have a touch of spiciness that makes the palate feel an indescribable pleasure in each dish. This is something along the lines of a family tradition, since in my home...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus recipes, 2 years ago
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    Discovering Lithuania: Traditional Foods (2/4)

    Of the three Baltic capitals, Vilnius is the one that offers the most elaborate menus of traditional dishes that you should try, because the rest of the capitals acquired their typical gastronomic traditions from other countries, forgetting a little bit more of their...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus blog Vilnius, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Claudia's Erasmus Experience in Padua, Italy

    Why did you choose to go to Padua, Italy? Padua wasn't my first choice of all the others I had in mind for an Erasmus destination. Nevertheless, I put it on my list because people had told me very good things about it. And to this day, since I came here, I haven't...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus experiences Padua, 2 years ago
  • Experience

    Laura's Erasmus Experience in Tampere, Finland

    Why did you choose to go to Tampere, Finland? I was interested in getting to know Finland in particular for its architecture and Nordic design, although I was also attracted by the theme of the country of lakes and nature. How long did your scholarship last? How much...

    0 by Anna in Erasmus experiences Tampere, 2 years ago
  • Place

    Alameda Chabuca Granda

    Hello everybody! Today I want to tell you about a place that I like very much in the center of Lima, known as La Alameda Chabuca Granda. This is an avenue that is found along the coast of the Rio Rimac in the center of Lima, and with a view of the San Cristobal Hill,...

    by Anna in What to see Lima, 3 years ago
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    My "Work and Travel" experience in Aspen (United States)

    Hi all! I hope you are doing well. Today I will tell you about my first experience abroad, when I did a Work and Travel for three months in 2008 in Aspen, Colorado (United States). In those days, I didn't know how to speak English very well, and I my only work...

    2 by Anna in Erasmus tips, 3 years ago
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    The Mountains of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu

    Peru is without a doubt one of the most fortunate countries in the world, not only because of its enormous diversity but also because of its huge cultural journey, thanks to its people who came to its lands thousands of years ago. When we speak of Peru, we definitively...

    by Anna in What to see Cuzco, 3 years ago

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