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Kennedy Park

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The main park in Miraflores

Translated by Chloe Mckeown — 6 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell you about a park in the tourist center of Miraflores, Parque Kennedy, which is also known as Ovalo de Miraflores and also as the "cat park". What is this? Well, because people started abandoning their cats here many years ago and these little animals are now part of the decoration of the park, in fact there are a lot but also a lot of cats.



The Municipality of Miraflores and some animal-friendly associations, do what they can to make sure the cats are well and from time to time they also make campaigns to adopt the cats and you can take one of them home as a pet.

This park is surrounded by restaurants, bars, hostels as well as a church that has a kind of clean style, which is not as crowded as the churches you can find in the centre of Lima and you can take a nice photo there with its facade.

In this park you can also find what is known as "Calle de las pizzas" (Pizza street) where you can find some clubs that have a free entry so you only need to pay for drinks, as well as restaurants and a "salsodromo" for those who want to do some salsa dancing.

One suggestion that I have for you is that no matter what, you are still careful on this street because you find a lot of people walking through it at the weekend. Despite being in a safe district, there could be someone who will use this opportunity to take some of your belongings, it's not dangerous but keep it in mind! and don't trust everyone on Pizza street, especially at night when it is busier. Also, at the weekend you almost always find the avenues near the park because many people walk through its to go to its clubs and bars.

In the surrounding areas of this park, there is Haiti cafe, a place which is known in Miraflores because more adults than young people go there but not for a coffee, although you can do that as well, but you can also find one of my favourite sausages there, known as "La Lucha". It is on Pizza street and from there you can also walk to the Park of love, one of the most romantic places in Miraflores, because you see everything is close by and if you go at the weekend, you will see many people from Lima and visitors walking through its streets.

Also in the mornings and afternoons you can see paintings made by Peruvian painters, for example I know Señor Augusto Capcha who has his painting stall there.



There will also be some benches where you can relax and if it is a sunny day you can sit there but you cannot lie down in the park Since the famous "serenazgos" (street security), will come and tell you that unfortunately you can't do that, and you can't drink alcoholic beverages in the street with your friends there either, just in case! I'm telling you, because if you want to drink you're going to have to go to one of its bars.

In the park, you will also find a free wifi zone, although sometimes it doesn't work well, if you don't have credit, take the opportunity to connect and see the tourist information of the area you are visiting.

Inside the park they also sell sweets like buñuelos (dough balls) and sandwiches with butifarra sausage, and sometimes a cat will come up to you to ask for some food or just to be petted.

If you want to go shopping, it is better if you pass right through because in one of its corners, you will find the shopping centre Saga Falabella, as well as mercado indio de Miraflores where you can find different craft work to buy. Although closer than there, you can find the bus station known as "Ricardo Palma", which takes you to the center of Lima, the water park, to the north of Lima and also to Chorrillos in the south.

So that you can get to this park, it is located at the end of Arequipa Avenue, at a crossroads between Ricardo Palma Avenue and José Pardo Avenue.



In some occasions I have also seen that they organise fairs, such as those for books, crafts and music presentations and film screening.

On the other hand, I can tell you that inside the park, you can also find leaflets for the tourist company called "Mirabus", which offers city tours on a red bus with an open top. This service is from 09:00 to 19:00, they take you from Miraflores to Lima centre and they offer different tours of the city. If you want to know more about the company, I reccomend that you visit this website and look at all of the options that they provide: .

Kennedy Park is definitely a good place to start your tour of Miraflores or even to finish it if you start in the Malecón area.



For those who want to practice sports in the morning, every Sunday the municipality of Lima closes Arequipa Avenue, so that people can exercise there in its 50 blocks before reaching the central district of Lima. You can also rent bicycles or you can make the most of your day by running along in a safe and fun way with the people of the who live there.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading this commentary! See you in the next article.

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