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Punto Azul (restaurant)

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A good experience of eating Ceviche

Translated by Chloe Mckeown — 6 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everybody! Today I am going to tell you about a restaurant that I am sure you have found on other lists of where to go, for a good 'ceviche'. The name of this amazing restaurant is "Punto Azul".

"Punto Azul" is one of my favourite restaurants to go to, to eat one of the best 'ceviches' (Peruvian seafood dish) in Lima, accompanied by a pitcher of 'chicha morada' (Peruvian drink). The first time I went to the restaurant was with a friend from my university because, to be honest, I didn't go to the Miraflores area very often. However, I had to get to know every corner in order to be able to recommend places to tourists from the lodging where I worked. Then I started to go to "Punto Azul" a lot until it became one of the restaurants that I could recommend to tourists.

I will tell you that at the start, I only went to the restaurant in the morning (in Peru ceviche is usually only eaten at lunch) but due to the high demand of tourists and visitors at Punto Azul, they now open in the evening for the delight of their guests.



The restaurant has different locations in Lima but the one I have been to the most is on the street 'calle San Martin', a street parallel to the street Larco Avenue which is very busy in Miraflores.

The restaurant is quite busy and you have to queue to be served, so I suggest that you always go as early as possible to be one of the first there so that you don't have to wait too long.

Anyway, in the entrance you will find some chairs for you to take a seat until you are seen to but there won't be a seat for everyone because really, believe me, many people go to that restaurant and if you arrive close to one o'clock in the afternoon, you will easily wait about 40 minutes.

In this exquisite restaurant, there is no doubt that what people order the most, is the traditional Peruvian ceviche which is made with, fresh fish, onion, Peruvian chilli and salt and it is accompanied by Peruvian corn its kernels. It is truly a delicacy that you have to taste when you arrive! it is a sin not to taste a ceviche in Lima! You have to try how well ceviche is done and Punto Azul is a good place to start this Peruvian seafood experience.



It is worth the wait, if this is the first time you're going to try ceviche, a typical Peruvian dish with Peruvian ingredients, move heaven and earth so that you can try it here. You'll understand why I say it's a very good option to go out to eat.

You also have to find jaleas (jelly), chicharrones de pescados (fish fritters) and other dishes with octopus, yuquitas fritas (Yuca chips) and many other coastal options since their speciality is fish and seafood.

It is not very expensive for such great flavour, but not so cheap either, the price buying a pitcher of chicha would be approximately 35 soles per person. I told you that Peruvians are very proud of our cuisine (and I will not get tired of saying it). Lima is a city with a wide range of choices to go out to eat. Even today there are gastronomy tours in the city where you can eat and drink things native to Peru.



I would give Punto Azul, 1000 points and if it was in Lima again, I would definitely go back. Once you get a table, your order will not take any longer than 10 to 15 minutes (bearing in mind that there is a high demand, the waiters work magic to serve as quickly and efficiently as they can).

If it is someones birthday or they are there for a special reason, make a point to let the waiter know so that you can see the courtesy that they give you. Although by law when you arrive, you will be served a small dish with canchita (corn nut) or possibly chifles (plantain crisps), depending on the season.

Punto Azul, as I have mentioned, has more than one location. I have been to the one in the San Isidro and Miraflores districts. Between the two, I preferred the on in Miraflores because it is a bigger place, but the flavour is the same.


Also, Punto Azul has two floors so if you get there early, I suggest you go to the second floor for a quieter environment.

I am honesty very happy with the Peruvian gastronomy and I am going to do everything I can to write all of the restaurants that I know in my city, "The gastronomy capital of America". See you soon!

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