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Bolivar Bar

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Have a great Pisco Sour

Translated by Chloe Mckeown — 8 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everybody! Today, I am going to tell you about my experiences in this bar. The bar in the Bolivar hotel, it is very famous and in the centre of Lima for a special cocktail called "Catedral de Pisco sour". It is served in a pear shaped glass full of Peruvian pisco cocktail.

Here is a photo of it:



This bar has a beautiful and classic atmosphere. Arriving you will see a "tapada" which was how women dressed during the colonial era. Its décor is very simple, but people like me do not go for the décor but for the cathedral (the cocktail), it all depends on whether you can handle it or not. I think that 1 is enough because if you have 2 or 3, you will be surprised at how drunk you end up.

To be clear, in the hotel there are two spaces, this image is of the inner bar of the hotel, entering through the lobby:



The bar in the Bolivar hotel is in the Sant Martin square. Its facade is white and it is on the first floor. As well as a Pisco sour, you can order a Chilcano which is a drink with less alcohol. Here, unlike other bars, you won't get a complimentary snack, so to fill your stomach, ask for some tequila or delicious yucca fries.

As soon as you enter the premises you will smell the pisco sour that will provoke you to drink it and find out what it is. Another important thing I suggest you go to the second floor to windows and from there you can see the San Martin square.

(this is the outside of the hotel in the centre of Lima)



Sometimes you will find people who fall to the floor because they have had too much to drink. Thankfully that has never happened to me, but I can tell you that the most I have been able to drink there are three cathedrals with two friends.

If you only want to try a little and not much, you can order a normal drink of Pisco sour and if you enjoy it you can order another.

Be careful when going down the stairs since you are only on the first floor. Just in case you are too drunk, you can lean against the railings so you don't fall.

To let you know a little bit about the history of the hotel, this bar was built for the centenary of the Independence of Peru at the beginning of the 20th century. It was built under the guidance of President Augusto Leguia and as you can see it was a bar with pompous beginnings in my city. Write it down in your schedule of places you have to visit in Lima.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review. See you soon!


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