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Goyeneche House

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A rococo style house in Lima

Translated by Chloe Mckeown — 5 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all well. Yesterday I talked a little about the Palace of Torre and Tagle which according to many connoisseurs has the best colonial balconies in Lima. This time we will continue talking about another house in Lima which is directly facing the before mentioned house. It is predominantly yellow and whiteand it is known as Goyeneche house.

A restored 18th Century house

The houses of Lima, are a source of pride for the historical centre of Lima. This house was built in the 18th Century and was restored thanks to a private investment made by the BCP or Credit Bank of Peru. Its furniture is old and has a great value for the remembrance of the stately and patrimonial Lima.


Goyeneche house was designed and created in the 18th century and from there it has been passed to different people. Miraculously it has been able to survive in this time and it has now been passed on to the centre of Lima in recent decades.

French influence

This house has something special over the other colonial houses of Lima which is, that unlike the house of Torre and Tagle, Goyeneche House is one of the first houses in Lima with a French influence, during the 18th Century. Despite its expression, it is clearly from Lima and as we have seen, its large box like balcony is a continuing feature in the old houses in Lima.



Although Torre and Tagle and Goyeneche are similar, while the first is baroque the second is a rococo style, what you will find when you go into the house is a swimming pool as well as gardens which give it and air of beauty and a clean environment.

In the heart of the centre of Lima

Its location is strategic because it is surrounded by many other monuments, as well as being in the busy Ucayali street.

Being in Jirón Ucayali has made it a favourite place to take the best photos when one goes explore the centre of Lima. It is just a step away from the Plaza de Armas, as well as being very close to Abancay Avenue, where you can look from afar to see the gate which is known as the Chinese Arch in Capón street. If the wasn't enough, it is just a step away from the church of San Pedro, one of the most beautiful churches in Lima. This street is small but as you can see there are a lot of things to look at, so much so that it would take a whole afternoon to go round all of its monuments.

The furniture that has lived on through centuries

Within its installations inside, you can find different colonial paintings, that have even been restored. Its first floor has furniture including lamps, chests and trunks where the personal things and clothes of families from Lima were kept. Somehow the trunk house differs from the rest of other owners because it had an exclusive design and is part of the colonial art that can be found in the Goyeneche house.



For example in the Goyeneche house, you can find a trunk that dates back to the 19th century it is decorated with rose and geometric shapes.

Another piece of well known furniture that is part of the bargello era, which was used as somewhere to keep small and valuable objects.

On the other hand, when you enter Goyeneche house you will find sculptures of the two apostles carved from wood.

This is a colonial house that has basically everything that other colonial houses in Lima have. It is a journey back in time. Perhaps many people just pass by the outside without going in and finding out what can be enjoyed here.

On the other hand, as in all, solariega house in Lima. I can tell you that the Goyeneche house even has a private chapel for exclusive use of the family that lived there in the classist colonial Lima



Suprising works of art:

On the other hand you can also see a painting by Teófilo Castillo which represents the same street as Goyeneche house, in which at the foot of the painting you can clearly see recognise the the family name.

There is no doubt that the Goyeneche house gives a lot. It has even included a view of singers and characters related to the country in one of its installations.

Undoubtedly this monument gives an urban value to the city of Lima, and its location on the Ucayali street makes Goyeneche house one of the most preserved houses in central Lima. Do not hesitate to visit it!


How to get to this monument in Lima

To get to this part of central Lima is not difficult. Just take the metro on the Line C and get off at the station "jiron de la unión". From there you can take the chance to visit and enjoy each of its monuments, until you reach the Goyeneche house and the house or Palace of Torre and Tagle.

To go in the evening or in the night

The interesting thing about going in the evening is that you will be able to see the illuminated and well ornamented front. It is an incredible opportunity to take wonderful pictures of the place and to walk around the centre of Lima.

I hope that you have enjoyed this and thank you very much for reading this short post about one of the most beautiful monuments you can find in Lima. Thank you for continuing to learn about all of the interesting places in Lima, with me. Until next time!

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