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The tour de Pisco Sour in the centre of Lima

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Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

Translated by Kate Norman — one year ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone!

Today I want to recommend to you a tourist route in the centre of Lima - this itinerary is known as the Tour del Pisco Sour.

Pisco is the Peruvian drink known for its excellence, and Pisco Sour is a cocktail that will make you fall in love with its rich taste with a Peruvian touch. If you have never tasted the Pisco Sour, I will encourage you to go on this route with your friends so that you will have an amazing time! I assure you, you will not regret it!

Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

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In Peru, the Pisco Sour Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of each February. Visiting any one of these places, or even all three of them, would be a great option to start your celebration.

Nowadays there are lots of Tourist Agents that will organise this tour for you, but there is nothing better than doing it yourself, in your own time and freedom so that you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest, as well as save money for the rest of your trip around Lima.

If you want to try a good Pisco Sour, I propose that you make you way to three bars that are very well-known in the city, they are located in the historic city centre of Lima and they are all very close to one another. You will spend a maximum of 60 soles organising this yourself. These bars are were the history of the Pisco Sour was forged throughout time...

Without further ado, let's start with the three options I have for you today:

1. Cordano Bar:

As a reference, this bar is located next to the Government Palace of Peru. Here there is a traditional atmosphere with small tables made of wood and this place is famous for its sandwiches and the Pisco Sour.

The Cordano bar is also known for being a common point of call for many politicians who visit it because it is so close to the Government Palace of Peru. I recommend you get a Pisco Sour and if you are hungry later, you can ask for a sandwich which are also very popular in this bar.


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Here I have attached a photo of the location of the Cordano Bar. It is to the right of the Government Palace and recently has become a very picturesque street in Lima. After the bar, you can take advantage and appreciate these green balconies on the right hand side, which are the balconies of the Oidor House. These are the oldest balconies in the Plaza de Armas and you can take photos in the Plaza de Lima, one of the most beautiful plazas in the region.


2. Hotel Bar Maury:

Address: Jirón Ucayali 201, Lima 15001, Perú.

This bar is one of my favourites, there is no music but it has English-style decorations: everything is made of laquered wood and they serve you complimentary snacks. It is a calm bar and, together with the hotel Bolivar, they compete to make the best Pisco Sour. However, I'll tell you now that, according to what I discovered, the true bartender and creator of the Pisco Sour is from a bar named Morris. This bar no longer exists and I don't know exactly where it was located, however Maury offers a quiet and pleasant place to enjoy a special afternoon with friends or your partner. Furthermore, if you are alone, you can sit at the bar and converse with the bartender who is an elderly man.

Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

Ask for just one Pisco Sour and then walk for around 10 minutes towards our next destination which is, in my opinion, the most famous one in the centre of Lima!

Here I have added a picture of my Pisco Sour in Maury:

Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

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As a bonus, before going to our last destination you can pass by the balconies of the Tagle Tower and take a photo with the best balconies in Lima (is the HQ of the chancellery, so you can only see it from outside and is on the same straight line from the Hotel Maury) on Ucayali Street. Ucayali Street has been recently pedestrianised, so it is a good place to take advantage of the view and take photos of the centre of Lima.

Here is an image of the Hotel Bar Maury, which is a classic-style hotel with an English vibe. As you can see it is a calm place and an obligatory stop to try one of the best Pisco Sours in all of my city of Lima.

Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

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Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

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3. Grand Hotel Bar Bolivar:

Address: Jirón de la Unión 958. Centro de Lima

Here, it depends on how much you can resist... Because their Pisco Sour is sometimes a little deceitful to save yourself from this, I suggest asking for a few "tequeños" (cheese sticks) if you are reckless, or if you feel that the alcohol has already gone to your head, then I suggest you ask for only a "chilcano" which is a refreshing drink based on Pisco, but it is less strong.

Here is the façade of the Hotel Bolivar, created during the Independence of Peru.


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The Hotel Bolivar has a little wagon in the entrance of its reception, so you can also take photos when you come in of this picturesque little wagon. Furthermore, there are two bars, one on the right with a door that leads to the street, and the other on the left where you enter through the lobby of the hotel, depending on where you want to sit.

It is more elegant entering through the lobby, but the Pisco Sour and the quality of the two bars is the same! They are both good.


Here I am with my friends from San Marcos University, each one of us with a Pisco Sour on one of the many occasions I have visited this beautiful location.

Take the Pisco Sour Tour in the centre of Lima

Leaving the Hotel Bolivar, you can go and dance to some rock music in the different bars along the Plaza San Martin. They are very frequently visited by both Limean people, as well as foreigners alike - you will be able to appreciate the momeument of Don José de San Martín, also known as the Liberator.

How to get to these places?

It is simple, the best way to get to any of these places is to catch the metro and take the C Line if you're coming from the south, and the A Line if you're coming from the north. It will cost you 2. 50 soles per person for the bus and you need to get off at the Jirón de la Unión Station. From here you need only to walk through the street until you reach the Plaza de Armas.

Of course if you are a wealthy boy or girl, take a taxi to see how beautiful it feels to navigate in the Lima traffic... Keep in mind that in Lima, we haggle over the price of taxis as there are no taximeters here. A decent price from Miraflores to the center of Lima should not exceed 15 soles, so don't pay more!

And that's all, I hope you liked this tour and that you have been encouraged to get to know and explore Lima, cheers! (although I no longer drink alcoholic beverages)

See you soon, and thank you very much for reading this recommendation!

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