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Enchanting Canta

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So much to discorver in the foothills around Lima

Translated by Rob Tomlinson — one year ago

Original text by Patricia Delgado

Hello Erasmusu!

Once again I’m here to tell you a little more about the places I’ve discovered in my beautiful Peru. If you’re in Lima and want to escape for a breath of fresh air and moment of peace, Canta is a great option!

There you will find the town of Obrajillo, which could be described as the mountainous part of Lima. Obrajillo is located a two hour drive from the city and can be accessed via 'colectivos', (shared taxis) which leave from the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI) and cost around 12 soles per person.

Even the route to Canta is breathtaking, as soon as you leave the city that is, it’s flanked by beautiful landscapes and the foothills of the Andes begin to rise before you. At this altitude some people’s ears begin to pop as a result of the change in air pressure. Others may suffer from headaches, thanks to the low level of oxygen in the air, but this depends from person to person.

I went in the Easter period when the area looked stunning bathed in sunlight – ideal for taking photos!

There is a lot of affordable accommodation available at around 40 Soles a night, provided that, as in all provincial areas, you know how to find them and are content with the simple pleasures of life. As I have already mentioned in other posts the prices can vary depending on the season. Over Easter the hostels and hotels are usually full as many people escape the city.

While on excursions it is common to encounter people with animals, like lambs and calves, who will allow you to take a photo for one sol. Many people make ends meet like this.

There are many delicious things to eat in Canta like 'chicarrones' (fried pork), 'chancho al palo' (barbecued pork) and the famous 'cuy frito' (fried guinea pig, which may seema strange thing to eat for some but in Peru is considered a delicacy). Another of the main dishes from the region, which I recommend, is 'trucha frita' (fried trout) which costs around 20 soles.

Among the attractions of the area, the views of the waterfalls and lakes in the Cordillera de la Viuda stand out. To visit these areas it’s necessary to go with one of the tour groups which charge between 40 and 50 soles to go walking there but it’s really worth it!

On one of these tours you will come across some lakes, one of which is famous being in the shape of Peru. Its sky-blue waters are merely an example of the beauty that there is to discover in this country. For the more adventurous among you it’s also possible to ride on horseback through the town and explore the lakes., the price to take a horse and travel up to the crags is 20 soles. There is also a fish farm where you can buy trout.

Canta is somewhere you must visit during your time in Lima. Although there are too many marvellous things en Peru to see them all, you have to take advantage of your time in this incredible country to the full.

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