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The Crypt of Heroes

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A Place of Memory for War Heroes

Translated by Kate Norman — one year ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone!

I hope that each one of you is well!

They say that at night, the darkness takes over the cemetery Presbítero Matías Maestro's alleyways... However, this cemetery is much more than that. Here, to visit the cemetery is to remember the history of Peru, and above all, it is to reach what is known as the Crypt of Heroes. A place that reminds us of all the brave soldiers of the Pacific War.

Inside the cemetery



The Pacific war happened in the 19th century that began due to the left over tension and anger from the war against Chile by Peru and Bolivia. In this cemetery, we will find approximately 234 spaces that contain the remains of the defenders of the fatherland.

The Sorcerer of the Andes

One of the main people who you will discover in this topic is the "Sorcerer of the Andes"

Do you know who I mean?

Well, I mean Andrés Avelino Cáceres. This man would, after the Pacific War, would also become another president of Peru.



To talk about this time in history is also to remember the battles that happened during the search for defense for the fatherland, for example, the battles of Tarapacá, Arica, Tacna and Angamos. The secrets inside the Crypt of Heroes include the fact that there are five graves in total where we can find the remains of some anonymous characters of history.

The Heroes of Peru

On the second lower floor, you can find the heroes Alfonso Ugarte, Francisco Bolognesi

and Miguel Grau, as well as other magnificent heroes that gave their lives to their country without thinking twice about it. Miguel Grau stands out among them as he was considered the Peruvian of the Millenium.



In order to be able to enter this place, it is necessary that you take a tour of the cemetery as they are the only people that have the authorisation to enter with their tour group. ON entry, you will find almost everything in the colour white as it reminds us of a time of peace in contrast to the black surroundings outside. It really provokes emotion as you walk through the cemetery.




In the Crypt, you will also find 16 marble plaques of the soldiers that died in the war, and I would recommend to you without a doubt to take this tour during nighttime as it allows you to enjoy the tour so much more.

I hope that you have liked this small description of this place in the centre of Lima!

Thanks for reading this article about the places that transcend time and give Lima the name of the best city to live in!

Until next time, Lima-lovers!

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