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Mirador Ingunza

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We don't want to lose the history of Lima

Translated by Kate Norman — one year ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all are well.

The passing of time has treated some monuments in the city of Lima very badly. However, when we start to dig to uncover the history of a place, it makes us realise that there are still things we can do in order to protect the beauty that it once had. This is what happened with the following place that I am going to share with all of you.

The look-out point from Acho



In this little article I am going to tell you about an interesting place in the Rimac district, this is one of the vantage points that is bound to the Plaza de las Toros de Acho as it can be found a couple of metres away from it.




The name of this place is the Ingunza Viewpoint, in honour of its owner Francisco de Ingunza y Basualdo. Its construction dates to the 19th century, the year 1858 to be exact.

This place has been in the front row to many events that have weaved themselves into the history of the Viewpoint. One of these stories tells us that there was a kind of friendship beginning between the owner of the Plaza de Toros de Acho and Francisco de Ingunza, however as fate would have it, there was a confrontation between the two men because the second made an exclusive viewpoint for him not to miss the bullfights, since from there it had a privilege view of the square and not that but the it could see even the sea in the distance.



A moment to change history

Today, the golden years of the viewpoint have ended, and sadly the developments that the Municipality of Lima and Rimac wanted to make have been practically useless as it is almost impossible to be able to raise the part of the viewpoint in order to appreciate its architecture.

You should definitely explore and visit this place in every way when you go through this part of Rimac, it is a place that we should value, and as we Peruvians say "get a move on! " to recapture the beauty this place once had, as it is one of the only viewpoints that you can access by foot in the city these days.

I hope that you have liked this little description of a place that you can discover in the district of Rimac. Thank you for reading about these stories and facts about places like this that transcend time and make us think that Lima has the right to be the best city to live in!

Until next time, Lima-lovers!



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