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  • Blog

    Spa session at the Westin Lima Hotel

    Hello everyone, I hope that each one of you is doing very well, because I want to tell you dear readers that in this opportunity I want to share my experience with one of the most beautiful and luxurious spas in Lima. Where is it located? This Spa has the name...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Lima, one year ago
  • Blog

    Basic Icelandic

    Source Since I am trying to encourage everyone to go and enjoy the Icelandic wonders, I want to leave you a basic vocabulary. In another post I already showed you this phrase... Ég tala ekki íslensku, which means... I don’t speak Icelandic. Even though now you have...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Reykjavík, one year ago
  • Place

    The Main Street

    Once again it's time to talk about Gandía, this time it's time to talk about one of the most important streets that his own name indicates, the main street. How to come It is very easy to get from the station, we will have to get to the Plaza de las Escuelas Pías and...

    by Diana in What to see Gandía, one year ago
  • Blog

    KRAKOW V (salt mine)

    The second excursion we made was to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The tour started at 4:00 PM so we had to bring a snack in the backpack and snacks because we only had twenty minutes of rest between one excursion (Auswich) and the other (salt mine). We got soaked because we...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Krakow, one year ago
  • Blog

    [Survey] How does an Erasmus scholarship affect a relationship?

    This week we bring you a question that is in mind of many students who plan to leave or have been abroad. We want you to help us with the eternal question. How do you think an Erasmus scholarship affects a relationship?

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Rovaniemi, one year ago
  • Blog

    How I chose the Mobile Company in Belgium

    A few months ago I arrived in Brussels. As I did not know how much time was going to stop around here, I looked for a telephone company that would offer me good connection, no kind of permanence and affordable prices for my pocket (I came as a student, but in the end I...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Belgium, one year ago
  • Place

    Barranco’s bridge of sighs

    Hi everyone! I hope that each one of you is doing very well. Each district of Lima has an icon and something that makes them different from each other, in the specific case of Barranco, which is known as the bohemian neighborhood of Lima and of painters and poets, we...

    by Diana in What to see Lima, one year ago
  • Blog

    North Spain VS South Spain. 2nd Round

    Good afternoon to everyone! Or almost good night. Today we are going with our fantastic second part of our special fight between the north and the south of Spain. We will evaluate new features today, things that will leave us stunned, stupefied, circumstances that you...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Spain, one year ago
  • Blog

    Info for moving to Zagreb

    Hi guys, moving to Zagreb is not difficult, more than that it's easy enough, whether you're driving or using public transport. The traffic is not bad, there are enough car parks and the efficient tram system should be the model to follow by other European capitals that...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Zagreb, one year ago
  • Blog

    The new Honda Forza 125 arrives with improvements in 2018

    After the remarkable success of its collaboration with the Honda Forza 125 has decided to attack the most attractive market that there is at this moment, that is the 125 scooters that can be driven with the car license. Here I present the new Honda Forza 125, the recipe...

    0 by Diana in General, one year ago
  • Blog

    Visiting the Shrine of Santa Rosa de Lima

    Hi to everyone! I hope everyone of you is doing great, today I want to share with you one of my visits to the center of Lima, which was almost a week ago. Where? To the sanctuary of the first Saint of America of the Philippines and the Indies, I am referring to Isabel...

    0 by Diana in Erasmus blog Lima, 2 years ago

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