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Spa session at the Westin Lima Hotel

Hello everyone, I hope that each one of you is doing very well, because I want to tell you dear readers that in this opportunity I want to share my experience with one of the most beautiful and luxurious spas in Lima.

Where is it located?

This Spa has the name “Heavenly Spa by Westin” and is located in the Westin Lima Hotel and Convention Center in the financial district of San Isidro, in one of its streets known as Begonias in the block number four.

On the other hand, I tell you that this is a five-star hotel and is currently the tallest building in Lima, on the other hand the Westin Lima Spa is on the second floor and at the moment it is considered the largest Urban Spa in a city for its five thousand meters of space.


How to get to the water circuit:

I had the opportunity to work at the Westin hotel in the Concierge area and then move to the reservations stand. Just in one of those wonderful stages of my working life, our bosses gave us a session of water circuit in the hotel Spa, that lasted approximately 50 minutes.


What this experience consisted of


This experience was to enter different pools which had different temperatures to relax the skin and besides that you could receive some jets of water that gave you hydromassages, on the other hand there is also a section where you can sit on the water and feel like the water is entering through your pores, relaxing.

Additionally, at the Westin Spa in its Water circuit section you can also find a small steam and dry sauna where you can enter to relax to the fullest.

Another stage that is also included in the spa is to enter a path of pebble stones where you can walk and you can relax, receiving as the treatment of the stones make effects on your feet when you pass over them.

Finally, after you finish the Spa session there is a small room known as Sanctuary, where you can lie down and have a cup of green tea that is offered to you courtesy, this part is wonderful since the place is dark and you can see the ceiling as if they were stars.

Keep in mind that:

You do not need to come with your bathrobe or slippers, because here they can give it to you, I recommend it since it is a renewing experience of the Westin brand that you can find in my wonderful city of Lima.


How much is the price?

The rate per person is 130 Peruvian nuevo solo and the time spent in the place is 40 to 60 minutes maximum.

How can I book?

The direct contact telephone of the Spa is the following phone numbers: 2015020 and 2015000.

I hope you are encouraged to know it, it is an experience that collecting money for a special date can be done, after that you can go to know one of the two hotel restaurants that are Market 770 and Maras, or also the hotel bars that are the Lobby Lounge and the Insitu Bar, all of which are on the first floor of the first Westin in South America.

Thank you so much for reading, see you in my next opportunity about my dear Lima.

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