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  • A visit to Mechelen (Malinas)

    In order for you to get to know a little more about the town where I have lived for two months now, I'm going to tell you some more about it, focussing on the places that are worth visiting. I won't begin before I have welcomed Celia; this is dedicated to her and the...

    0 by Kate, 2 years ago
  • How I chose the Mobile Company in Belgium

    A few months ago I arrived in Brussels. As I did not know how much time was going to stop around here, I looked for a telephone company that would offer me good connection, no kind of permanence and affordable prices for my pocket (I came as a student, but in the end I...

    0 by Diana, 2 years ago
  • Belgian Beer

    Belgian Beers As I’m sure you are aware, Belgium is famous around the globe for its world-class beer. In England, I’m not really a big beer drinker, tending to favour the classic gin and tonic or a refreshing white wine to avoid the classic student beer belly and...

    0 by Boats, 3 years ago
  • Belgian: Brussels, Brugge and Beer

    During your exchange you will have many opportunities to travel regionally. This is especially true if you are staying in Europe as there are many countries nearby each other. In my case, I had been doing a student exchange in France in a small city called Reims next to...

    0 by Michael, 3 years ago
  • Christmas dinner in Belgium

    Christmas dinner in Belgium is sacred. We surround ourselves with family, our extended family, with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. And the food is sacred too. A famous menu that spans more than four hours. I will try to tell you as best I can my experience so...

    0 by Mirabelle, 3 years ago
  • Erasmus / Love of Brugge!

    Hello everyone , I just compeleted my Erasmus somestr in Brugge and got back to Turkey , my home! Here are some tips about Erasmus life, enjoy it! - First of all , seize the day/ carpe diem / live the moment. Whichever you want to use but use it! Because you only right...

    0 by Gülşen, 4 years ago
  • Belgium: 4 days, 5 cities

    Maps Download your USE-IT map or ask for one in an info point - they are awesome and have really helpful information from locals. Transportation & TicketsIf you are flying to the Charleroi airport I suggest you catch the shuttle bus A (6€) to Charleroi-Sud train...

    0 by Madalena, 4 years ago
  • How can you spend less in Belgium? Save in every way that you can while being on Erasmus!

    So now that crisis is all around us, energy costs, grants that have to stretch to be enough but don't and on top of that, how soon Erasmus comes around, where we are crazily looking for information about our cities, I am going to write a post about how to save money...

    0 by Victoria, 4 years ago
  • Don't go to Mons (Belgium)

    Do you like going out to party? Do you like living in big cities? Do you enjoy a lively and vibrant atmosphere? Do you like when there's a lot going on? If you answered yes to any of those questions - don't go to Mons. I'm a student at the University of Portsmouth and I...

    0 by Monika Natalia, 5 years ago

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