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Erasmus blog Reykjavík

  • Voluntary work in Iceland (2 of 2): Reykjavik and the environment

    During my second week in Iceland, I decided to continue doing voluntary work, but this time for another international project on the environment. To read the first part (where I tell you about my experience in a school situated in a small Icelandic village) you can...

    0 by Holly, 9 months ago
  • Iceland - Adventures through the south. Part 1 (related to my trip round the south of Iceland)

    Last Wednesday, making the most of the fact that my sister had come to visit me for a week, we went to the south. The idea was to go to Jökulsarlon even though we knew that we would be depending a lot on the state of the motorways and the amount of time we had. Another...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • Reykjavik through photos

    Reykjavik through photos Hello again, everyone! Today we are continuing and wrapping things up with the capital of Iceland. I can't go without speaking to you about Reykjavik, or even better, to show you the capital of this country through my photos. I have left it till...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • Iceland - Adventures in the south. Second part: the story of my travels through the south of Iceland

    We woke up at 9 in the morning, fresh as a daisy. It was still dark, so we made the most of going to the nearest petrol station to have breakfast. A long trip to Jökulsárlón awaited us. The trip from Vik to Jökulsárlón is amazing. We were on our own on the...

    0 by Emma, one year ago
  • Basic Icelandic

    Source Since I am trying to encourage everyone to go and enjoy the Icelandic wonders, I want to leave you a basic vocabulary. In another post I already showed you this phrase... Ég tala ekki íslensku, which means... I don’t speak Icelandic. Even though now you have...

    0 by Diana, 2 years ago
  • Excursions etc.

    It is unbelievable that I have already been here for more than two weeks! Time flies! I also had a lot to do in these days; ) The university began on Monday a week ago, starting with an introduction to the geology of Iceland. The people are very nice to me, but it is...

    0 by Cathy, 2 years ago
  • My everyday in Reykjavik

    It was pointed out to me that I had not yet said anything about my everyday life here in Reykjavik, so let me catch you up! Almost a month ago, as I first arrived here, the streets were still overflowing with tourists. In the meanwhile the situation is improving even...

    0 by Kat, 3 years ago
  • Culture Festival in Reykjavik

    On Saturday the culture festival took place in Reykjavik. On that day all museums were gratis so I took it upon myself to visit the national museum. Alongside it the festival offers numerous attractions beyond count, for example in my own street a waterslide was built...

    0 by Kat, 3 years ago
  • First days in Reykjavik

    After weeks of anticipated joy it was yesterday at long last go time. In the preceding weeks I have already said a slow goodbye from my friends and family. The four hour long flight literally flew by, since you can watch movies during the flight; ) The first good news...

    0 by Kat, 3 years ago

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