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Prague Castle

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Eleven hours of walking in Prague

Published by flag- Barbarka Houfková — 5 years ago

As I said, spontaneous plans are the best ones. Two weeks ago I had no idea what I would do this weekend and in the end I had so much fun that I decided to write about it. When I left France I talked to lots of people about meeting somewhere in Europe during the summer or during next year. Although, it is not as easy as it could seem. You can always say: “Sure, I am gonna come. We are going to see each other soon. ” But you never know your future plans, the place where you will be staying and circumstances.


I remember my last day in Lille when I spent my morning with Francois and Alberto. It was so sad to say goodbye. But we knew we would be quite close to each other because immediately after that Francois moved to Germany to do his internship. In the beginning of July he sent me a text saying: “What are you doing this weekend? I am free so I could visit you in Prague. “ I already had some plans with my father after long time not seeing each other so I was available only on Sunday. Moreover, it was too fast. That´s why we decided to postpone the meeting for weekend 16, 17th of July. We all wanted to meet with Alberto as well but he got his internship in Spain and the plane tickets are extra expensive from Spain to the Czech Republic if it is not in advance. However, the good thing is that we will all stay still in Europe and hopefully, we are going to see each other soon.


Francois planned his trip and he came to explore Prague. I wanted to make his staying unforgettable so I tried to plan a lot of sightseeing in advance. Unfortunately, I was not so productive because we had a big party on Thursday and I was hangover whole Friday. In addition, I was supposed to work on Friday. It was crazy. I felt so tired whole day. When I got home, the only thing I managed to do was cleaning the apartment and then, I fell asleep in a minute. Francois was supposed to come during Friday night but he was not answering.

In fact, I had no idea if he started going or if he stayed in Germany. Nevertheless, when I woke up in the morning he wrote me he was already in Prague and we could meet! In the beginning, I did not know what to do whole weekend in Prague to entertain Francois enough. In addition, we never spent whole weekend in Lille together. Although my worries were immediately gone because we had a lot of things to talk about and a lot of things to see. During this weekend I realized that I did not really do sightseeing in Prague. Of course I visited many places but not in one day. Since I moved to Prague I just went to school, job or to the party. I forgot to mention the main fact – Francois is going to study at my university (Charles University) in Prague for a whole year from September. That´s so cool. If I stayed in Prague we would be again classmates. It was funny to watch him being in Prague where he will spend his next year.


Francois left his car somewhere near Vysehrad. Therefore, we decided to meet there and start our day with Vysehrad. I remember that once we went running upstairs to Vysehrad with Nike running team in Prague but I never visited it as a tourist. We were walking from the metro station Vysehrad and the area was quite big and nice. We saw the cathedral and view of whole Prague. When I checked the weather forecast, they were saying that it was supposed to rain whole weekend. Fortunately, the forecast changed because the weather was amazing. The sun was shining whole day and at the same time it was not sultry weather. Therefore, we had perfect conditions for chilling day in Prague. We were little bit lost but then I found the way from Vysehrad to the city centre. It is convenient that even though Prague is quite big, you can just walk from the main places without using the metro. Therefore, we were just walking. I showed Francois area called “Náplavka”– our favourite place for having beers in summer.


We got little bit hungry and thirsty. It was time to find the restaurant. I suggested going to the Pivovar Národní Třída because I went there with people from International Club during their staying in Prague and I liked it much. The prices are not the lowest ones but the restaurant is in the city centre with garden. The speciality of this restaurant is their brewery. Francois tried unfiltered beer and I had normal one. As a small snack we had fried cheese sticks. Of course it was my idea. I love all the types of cheese and they serve it there with a good cranberry sauce. Although it is only snack and it is too small. We felt more energetic after the beer and food and we could continue with exploring.


We went to the well-liked place – the island of Margaret – to rent a pedal boat. I took there my Mexican friend last time in Prague and I liked it so much that I wanted to go there again. Besides, the experience is always great with nice weather. When we got there we were listening to the instructions about the boat that I already knew. We wanted to have a boat which looked like a car. Unfortunately, there were too many people so we did not have a choice regarding the boat. We were talking about everything, floating and enjoying the weather. Suddenly, one man on motorboat speedily came and started to ask me: ”Hey, where are you going? “ When he kept asking me about the direction I realized that we totally forgot to watch the way we were going and we were long time behind the buoy. We immediately started to turn the boat and come back. I got scared when I saw small whirlpool in front of us. We were lucky that the man arrived! He was furious. I don’t know why but we did not watch out the direction at all. Nevertheless, we got back fast and everything was all right.


Thereafter, we wanted to cross the Charles Bridge but it was impossible. The bridge was crazily overcrowded. Subsequently, we went to check the Lennon´s wall. There were many people again. We even find the place for candles because of Nice attacks. Later, we were in the most touristic area and all streets were super crowded. I was trying to show Francois everything and I was talking about the Czech sweet speciality – Trdelník. It is a sweet pastry with sugar and cinnamon. I never noticed but there are many places in Prague where you can buy it. We saw at least ten of it and there was a big waiting line everywhere. We were already hungry so we decided to have a lunch/dinner. When we were trying to find an ATM some random girl said: “hey Francois”. After 10 minutes of French conversation I found out it was a friend of Francois. Such a funny coincidence that we met her! They were speaking so fast that the only thing I understood was that she just came back from Mexico, they went to Prague for a weekend and they liked Absintheria. Absintheria was another place where I wanted to go with Francois but we did not have time. In addition, I guess that he will have a lot of opportunities to go there with his friends in Prague.


When I found out that Francois was coming to Prague it was clear we were obliged to try Czech food. I was not happy about it because I am not a big fun of Czech food. Moreover, it was not easy to find good and reasonably priced restaurant with Czech food. Of course, if you walk through the Old Town Square you can see the sign Czech Restaurant everywhere. Nevertheless, these restaurants are intended for tourists and their prices are higher than normally. I used google to find a good place. I had three tips and when we wanted to eat we were close to the one I found. The place was called Havelská Koruna. It was just few metres from the Wenceslas

Square so I did not want to believe that the prices would not be acceptable. When we saw the menu outside I was shocked. You could really try Czech specialities for less than 100 CZK which is unbelievable. When we entered the restaurant I understood why. It was not normal restaurant with waitress but it was kind of cafeteria or canteen. We did not mind and we just went to the bar and we chose our meal. I suggested Francois to try sirloin beef with vegetable sauce (Svíčková). It is my favourite Czech food but during the summer I don’t have a fancy to eat dumplings often. Therefore, I took chicken schnitzel. Another problem was with the seats. The canteen was totally full. It took us around 15 minutes to find the place – only because we decided to share the table with strange woman. It was funny that Francois told me he had never seen such dumplings before. He managed to try the most popular Czech beer – Pilsner. In the end I was happy with this restaurant because they really had huge selection of Czech meals – sweet ones and salads included for reasonable prices in perfect location. For instance, the prices were lower than most of the places in Hradec. After the lunch I felt literally exhausted. Therefore, we went for a big coffee. We recharged our batteries and we continued.

Next target was Prague Castle. We were climbing the stairs and then we enjoyed stunning view. Charles Bridge stayed unchanged – full of people. We were walking in the castle complex and we saw the cathedral, which was already closed. It was already quite late but we were determined to see the last place – Petřín, which is sometimes called the small Eiffel Tower. We did not have enough battery on mobile phone to check the maps but we easily found the way because there were a lot of signs. It was tiring because we decided not to use the funicular. When we were up we had again great view but we did not go up to the tower because we were walking a lot that day. When we were watching whole Prague we noticed Vysehrad from far away. We overcame such a big distance! It looked so far. We walked down to area called Ujezd.

It was already 9 pm. I was thinking of going to the bar but we were both super tired. I was so happy that during the evening Francois decided to help me with French and we were speaking only French! It was such a great feeling! Normally, in France, we always said: “Lets talk French. ” But then, everybody was slow or silent. That´s why we immediately switched back to English. This time it was different. I felt like I could have normal conversation and I tried to remember as many words as I could. It motivated me to continue with my French. Francois suggested that I could download learning audio recordings called 50 languages to improve my language. It was perfect! They say common phrases and after they repeat it twice French. You can even use if the basic language is Czech or English. As I have to go three times per week to my new job where I have to do same administrative tasks every day, I have opportunity to entertain me and learn at the same time. Besides, I am allowed to listen to the music. He also made a list of movies I could watch in French! Therefore, I am really motivated to continue with learning French now. But the fact that I am not sure if I will come back to France yet makes me sad.

We went to Vysehrad by metro to pick the things up. When we wanted to have a snack for dinner I felt obliged to show Francois the best pizza fast food place. The thing is that there is almost always place for having pizza underground near metro station but the best one is between the National Museum and library near Wenceslas Square. I had opportunity to talk about my best party experience which happened one week ago at the National Museum. Francois already started to make fun of me because I say about everything: “the best pizza place, the best party ever, the best city ever”, etc... I think he was right. I also showed him our building – Institute of Economic Studies where he will probably (unfortunately) spend a lot of time next year. When we arrived home it was already around 11 pm and we went immediately sleep.


Next day we had only morning and two hours after the lunch free because I had to work from 2. 30 pm. In the morning, we were checking the accommodation in Prague and I was more than shocked when he told me that he found a student accommodation for 10 000 CZK per month. The amount was crazy! I don’t even know anybody in Prague who would pay more than 5 000 CZK. It seems that people earn a big profit on foreign students. We found some residences provided by Charles and hopefully they will have free places.

I showed Francois the big park called Stromovka near to my place. I normally go running there. I was amazed when Francois told me he managed to run marathon in Germany – without practicing. It convinced me to try it as well (in future). Then, we decided to have a lunch in Chinese restaurant. I was not prepared for it and I did not know where to find the best Chinese restaurant. Therefore, we were walking near I. P. Pavlova to find some place. We were walking until we were already again at Wenceslas Square (the main tourist area). Surprisingly, we found reasonable prices right there. The food was good, the portions were big but service was not so pleasant. Francois ordered Kung Pao which was super spicy according to his face. I liked this place and I could not believe that it was located in the main area. They even had piano there and I wanted to play the song for Francois but the piano was occupied by talented Chinese people. Nevertheless, I need to practice more.


It was already time to say good-bye but we needed to have Trdelnik first. It was weird that plain Trdelnik cost 60 CZK and Trdelnik with ice-cream cost twice more. We just had a plain one and it was delicious because they just take it from the oven and it was warm. I managed to show Francois small hidden park near the Wenceslas Square because when I saw it for the first time I was nicely surprised.


To sum up, we accomplished to see all the main sights in one day! We were walking eleven hours on Saturday! In addition, we spoke a lot about life in Prague and it reminded me how much I love student life in Prague. At the same time I was more than happy to talk again about all my memories from Lille and I started to look forward to my new adventure in Amsterdam. As we were only together whole time I got to know Francois much more. I did not mind being tourist in Prague at all. By contrast, I enjoyed good company and chilling weekend! I can´t wait for another meeting! It was so cool.


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Visit from Taiwan!

Published by flag- Barbarka Houfková — 5 years ago


I have to say that last days have been quite busy. I was supposed to work only on Sunday but I asked about extra shift and I had it on Tuesday. Then, Lalo gave me another shift on the garden and later one my workmate asked me if I wanted to take extra shift instead of him. Therefore, I went working four days in a row. Except for the fact that I feel totally exhausted right now, it was all right. It still holds that I love that restaurant and I like working there. It is totally different than another jobs. Honestly, I don’t care if I have a free day or working day because I enjoy both. When I am free, I can go home, rest, exercise, eat delicious food, swim in the swimming pool and be in a great company of my mother and sister. On the other side, while working in Adelitas, I speak English, earn money, eat delicious food and I can enjoy working with friendly people. I mean I don’t mind working lot at all because I have a motivation because I want to earn money to travel. In addition, I know that I don’t have much time left in Prague.


During these days I tasted a new food in Adelitas – Tacos Cochinita. It was definitely the best tacos I have ever had. I am surprised that my feelings about tacos rapidly changed. I still remember first time trying it and I did not like it much. In Adelitas, they are totally different and I fell in love with them. In addition, the meal is quite healthy. Cochinita is just amazing – it is a mixture of nicely marinated shredded pork meat with tacos! It is so cool to eat there and try new food. Normally, I don’t really like trying new food because I am quite choosy and I don’t eat many things. Although so far, I loved all the types of Mexican food. Next time, I am planning on trying Flautas. Last days I was so busy that I did nothing except for working. When I had free time I had to my second job or I enjoyed watching my favorite Vampire Diaries. No matter what other people say, I am obsessed with this serial and I could watch it all over again.

I already started to get to know new people better in Adelitas and we went for a beer together after my shift on Sunday. It was great evening. We had a lot of fun and we were speaking only English. Sunday shift was quite complicated because two people had to leave in the middle of shift, the system was not working and the garden was closed. Therefore, we needed to have a beer after working. We went to the pub called Konvikt. It was my first time there. Since we finished quite late, I came also home late. That´s why I decided to chill in my bed whole Monday and I enjoyed it much. Sometimes I just need to stay in a bed and do nothing.

On Wednesday night it was even more demanding because we went out after working and we stayed up until 5 am. We did not really plan to do something after the work but we had one drink in Adelitas, then we continued to the pub called Kozicka and since we had bunch of things to talk about we decided not to go home and we went to Roxy. I don’t have to describe everything but we were talking about all the things from past to future and from funny stories to secrets. It was an awesome night and I enjoyed it a lot. When I came sleep around 6 am, I already knew that Thursday would be hard day.

It was more than crazy. I got up at 10 am (after three hours of sleeping) and I already knew I was in troubles. I was supposed to meet my mum at 10. I called her I would be late and I tried to get up. It was the hardest task ever. My head hurt so much! I had to take a pill for it. I did not know if I was still drunk or hangover but I was worn out. The only thing I wanted to do was sleeping. Unfortunately, it was impossible. I had a whole day ahead and a lot of plans planned. I had my breakfast, I took a shower but nothing helped me.


We met at Old Town Square with my mum and we went directly for a lunch to the restaurant I found with Francois – Havlova Koruna. I decided to have my favorite food - unhealthy Fried Cheese and my mum took a chicken steak with mashed potatoes. In the end it was not cheap at all. In the restaurant, each food is cheap but since we took two meals, drinks and salad we paid quite a lot. Although it was worth it because we came early, we took our table and we enjoyed talking there. We were walking a little bit through Prague and then we went for a coffee.


Unfortunately, my mum could not drink it because she went to the cosmetic salon before. We were heading to McCafe and on our way we found a restaurant called Vytopna. I have already heard about this restaurant many times but I never knew it is located in the main square. The point is that it is a railway restaurant which means that there are railway tracks at every table and you will get your drink from the train which goes through whole restaurant. I was impressed with this idea! When I checked the menu I liked their daily menu and I would like to go there for a lunch once! It was so great to be with my mum! I felt sorry because I could not come to Hradec as I promised but we enjoyed our time anyway. I almost forgot how tired I was.


After the lunch, it was time to see Torres again! Last time when we saw each other, it was in the middle of May before I went to Barcelona. Such a long time! It has been already two months. I remember exactly our last day because we had a buritto together, I tried his Taiwanese tea and he gave me chopsticks to eat with them. Unfortunately, I have not really tried to eat with them but I will! When we saw each other last time he told me there was a possibility that he could travel to the Czech Republic in July but he was not sure at all. It was easier not to say good bye and just say we were going to see each other. As the time passed Torres wrote me a message that he was really going to Prague with his whole family! I was so happy! He was definitely one of my best friends in Lille and he was always kind, happy and reliable person. In fact, I was quite surprised in the beginning I could have friends for example from Taiwan because I had no idea how Taiwanese people behave in general. Later, I found out we had a lot of things in common. We were going together for a dance class, we were travelling to Brugge, we were having Colloquial English together, we were going to the school canteen together and of course we had a lot of parties together. I have a lot of amazing memories with this guy.


Torres and his family arrived to Prague already on Wednesday. Since I was supposed to work I told him to come to Las Adelitas to have a dinner there. That evening was so busy! We were all running like crazy. People were standing on the stairs waiting for the place but we were full. I made a reservation for my friends and I was so happy to see Torres and meet his mother and his brother. I was their waitress whole evening and I hope they liked the food a lot. I did not have much time to talk with them that evening but we agreed on meeting the day after. We met at Malostranská and we went directly to the Prague Castle. I have been there many times but I still don’t have enough of it.


We went to the view points, to the cathedral and we decided not to buy any ticket and go to Petřín tower instead. Fortunately, I already knew the way. We were talking about future plans and about memories from Lille at the same time. I felt exhausted when we were climbing up to the tower of Petřín. Yes, we went upstairs! I have to admit that the view from that tower is amazing. It was definitely worth it even though I have already went there. I was not checking the time but when I did I found out I had to run because I had a meeting in a cosmetic salon and they are really strict about going on time. When I was there, lying on the “bed”, I fell asleep for 20 minutes.


Afterwards, I promised Torres to take them to a good Czech restaurant. We wanted to have tartar steak and Svíčková. I wanted to find something special. It took me almost 30 minutes to find a proper restaurant. I was thinking of going to Local or Kozlovna. There are many restaurants with this name in Prague. Although when I checked their menu I was not really happy. I used the mobile application Foresquare and I found one promising restaurant. It is called U Českých pánů (Czech Lords) and it is a medieval restaurant. It is located in the city centre but not in a main square. When we were walking there I realized we were walking a lot that day because my legs hurt! We easily found the restaurant and I immediately started to like it. It looked really nice and clean with a great atmosphere. There were armor and swords everywhere. I was surprised that it was almost empty. We did not mind and we went inside to have our dinner.


We all had a dark beer and the family of Torres liked it. As a starter we had tartar steak and then we ordered salad, sirloin beef and cheese. I like the idea of ordering more food and sharing it because you can taste many things at the same time. Even though I already had sirloin beef hundred times I was amazed by this one. It was delicious and it looked stunning. It was first time when I heard Torres speaking Taiwanese. It was so funny. He was a translator between me and his mother and brother. I always told him something and then he translated everything for them. All his family was really kind.


After the dinner, we decided to go somewhere else with Torres. We were in Vodičkova street and we went to the pub U Sudu. We had two beers and I already started to feel sad. One afternoon was not enough time and we had still a lot of things to talk about. Even though I was so tired I survived that day and I had a great time. It was almost midnight so I took almost last metro. During our conversation, Torres made me to want to visit Taiwan. Seriously, when I was back at home I decided to go there once. Hopefully soon.

In the bar, we found a piano. It was perfect ending of our day. Torres is an awesome player of piano. He started to randomly play some songs and I immediately loved them. He even played my favorite song from my serial! I made a promise to myself to learn these songs and play it next time when we see each other! Torres went with me to the metro station and it was time to say good bye. When I came home I appreciated my bed so much. I happily fell asleep and I was thinking about everything I have been through last days.


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Prague trip

Published by flag- Barbarka Houfková — 2 years ago

Prague trip

There is only one trip missing that I have not talked about. Prague. During my staying in France, we did many trips – to Brugge, Disneyland, London, Paris, Dublin, Bordeaux, Lyon, Porto, Lisbon, but also to Prague. When we had our introduction week, International Club already informed us about their activities and trips. They organized 5 trips together – Amsterdam, Prague, Disneyland, Versailles and Mt St Michel. In the beginning, I did not think about visiting my family and friends in Prague during my Erasmus because it was only 5 months staying. When I saw a list of trips, I started to think about it. Prague trip was the only one who lasted longer than just one day and they said it was always one of the best ones. I thought it could be a great idea to go with International Club and people from my exchange to Prague for three days and then I could stay longer and see my family and friends. It seemed to me perfect. The price of the whole trip was 150 euros. It was quite expensive and I decided not to buy the trip with International Club because I did not need any accommodation in Prague and I already knew about Eurolines that goes from Lille to Prague for 1000 Czech crowns. It was a great price (39 euros). Therefore, it was useless to buy the trip but I already decided to go.

Prague trip

I let myself time to decide but in February I bought the ticket I knew I was coming to Prague. In the end, I had few problems at school because I just bought the ticket for a whole week and I decided to skip the school. I bought the Eurolines for the way there (Lille – Prague) by bus and then I bought a flight because they had a special offer and I went back by plane. Therefore, I could not take many things because I was allowed to take only a small bag inside the plane. I went totally the same day as people from the International Club. I remember that people were a little bit annoyed because they were not used to travelling by bus for 16 hours. It was insane for them. I was already used to travelling like this so I did not mind. If it goes through the night, it is bearable. You can just watch a movie, sleep and then you are there when you wake up.

I came to Prague in the morning at 11 am. I planned to spend whole weekend with people from Lille and then go to Hradec to see my family and on Friday I was planning to go back by plane. It was also convenient for me that I could stay in my former apartment. Actually, the whole thing with my apartment in Prague went really well. When I found out I could go to France, it was quite late. I had only one month and half to find someone else who would live there instead of me. It was even more difficult because I wanted to find someone only for 5 months and when I was back I knew I needed a place to stay during the summer. It seemed to me impossible. I knew about one Facebook group called Living in Prague and I just posted there my advertisement. I decided to include information about the length of staying there because I did not want to lose time with people who were not interested in staying only for 5 months. Therefore, I wrote there my message, I posted all pictures and then I said all disadvantages such as I shared the room with another girl, length of staying and also the fact that people have to go through the bathroom if they want to get to our room. I found it impossible. Although, I also knew that our apartment was 3 minutes from the metro station and just 10 minutes by metro from the city centre. The location was great. When I uploaded the advertisement, I was surprised that a lot of people wrote me positive answers. We agreed on two meetings. The first girl did not even send a message and she just did not come. The second one – Klára went to our place and in two days she already sent me a message saying that she liked it and she would move in. Moreover, she did not need the place for summer so we just agreed that when I am back we would switch. It was perfect! I did not have many chances to talk to her but we kept contact on Facebook and we had a lot of things to talk about. When I told her I was coming to Prague, she was totally okay with staying me in the room because she had another plans for the weekend. It was nice from her. I was also worried about my furniture because I did not want to move it to another place but Klára wanted to keep it which suit me well. Moreover, she contacted me again this summer if it is possible to stay in my apartment again from September because she knew I was going to study in Amsterdam. Of course I was happy and I agreed. At the moment, she is probably living there again and I am in Amsterdam.

So when I arrived, I went directly to my place and I was about to spend there two nights. I was in contact with Alberto, who was the main organizer of the trip. He told me that they planned to do a city tour with a guide. I joined them and it was quite funny because even though I was living in Prague for three years I did not go to tourist places much and I did not know many information about Prague. Although I was already bored after one hour. It was nice to see everybody totally happy in Prague. It was one of the first times when I realized that Prague is an amazing city. Moreover, many my friends already took a beer for approximately 1 euro and they were excited about cheap prices in general.

After the city tour, we wanted to have something to eat. I was quite annoyed when I saw that people just went to the closest restaurant with the name: Czech Restaurant to have typical Czech food because I knew that prices were three times higher. Nevertheless, it was still cheap for them in comparison to France. We found a great place in the city centre by accident. We were walking with few people and I was quite desperate because I could find any cheap Czech place in the city centre and when I saw this one I just decided to try it. It was called Národní Pivovar and it is located in the centre, near the National theatre. The place is also for tourists because they had already the main menu translated into English. Therefore, prices were not low. Although I got to like the place easily. They say that their garden is the biggest one in whole Prague. If you like sitting outside at the restaurant, the place is perfect. They also have their own brewery and their own beer. We immediately tried it and it was delicious. In addition, we decided to have some snacks and I naturally took cheese sticks, which are really similar to fried cheese and they served it with cranberry sauce and tartar sauce. I loved it. Since this time, I went to the place many times.

I wanted to see also my friends from Prague so I left my group and I went to see Mates. It was great to see him after three months. We were cooking together and we were talking a lot. Everything went fast. During the evening, we had a girly meeting and we bought a tartar steak in the restaurant in advance. I don’t remember why but I went there with Lucka and we were late because she was stuck at work. When we arrived to the place I was so happy to be with my friends again. Almost everybody from my class were there but I did not have much time to talk to everybody. Lucka then decided to continue with me to some pub near La Casa Blu where my friends from Lille were.

Prague trip

I guess they went crazy. I just saw them having beers, cocktails like crazy. Everything was so cheap - they said. I felt also the pressure since I was spending a lot of money in France for same things so I was also having a cocktail and shots. They naturally wanted to try the most famous Czech alcohol – Absinth. It has around 80 percent of alcohol. The taste is disgusting. I did not like at all. Nevertheless, the place looked nice and we were having fun. Lucy also looked satisfied and she immediately started to like everybody because they were friendly. After this bar, we were supposed to go to Karlovy Lázně.

Karlovy Lázně is the biggest club in Europe. It is really famous among foreigners. I guess that Czech people don’t like it much. I never even want to go there because I thought it would be overpriced and you cannot really find there Czech people. When I asked Lucy to join us she was not interested at all. I was also thinking about skipping this club because I felt disinclined to go there. Nevertheless, I already had my ticket (10 euro) so I went there with others. By the way, it is not normal to pay so much for the entrance in Prague. Normally, we don’t pay or we pay 2 euros entrance fee at maximum. When I told everybody it was my first time going to this club they did not believe me! It seemed unbelievable that I was studying in Prague for three years and I had never gone there. I had a perfect opportunity this time.

When we entered the place I was amazed. It was definitely worth it to go there! The club has five floors and the beer was not overpriced at all. In fact, I could not believe that we paid a normal price. My friends were shocked they could smoke inside and they were enjoying the atmosphere a lot. I also liked there a lot! Although I think that it was mainly because of my friends. We were having a blast! We were dancing for hours! It was so great to be all together as a group. I did not even think I was at home. I still felt like being at Erasmus. Another good thing was that when we did not like the music we just changed to floor and it was all. This night was awesome but I got cold – again!

Next day, we were supposed to visit the Prague Castle. I went there with Adrien and I tried to show him everything. Unfortunately, while we were walking in the complex, another people went to the Lennon´s wall. Again, I had never been there before! I did not even know where it was located. I felt ashamed. We were having a good time and the weather was nice but I just regretted a little bit not being in a group because they just took bunch of awesome pictures at the wall. Seriously, it looked professional. When I went to see Lennon´s wall in June with Javier I did not find the wall so attractive. We also wanted to go to the tower Petřín but we did not have time for it. International Club was also planning to see a hockey game but they cancelled it. Unfortunately. I don’t remember what exactly we were doing during the afternoon but we went to the bar again during the night – of course.

Prague trip

Before the club, Alberto asked me about some good restaurant. I told him we should go to La Casa Blu because I liked the food there a lot and I was working there before France. When I told him that he can have Pisco sour there (Peruvian cocktail), he did not hesitate at all. I made a reservation and we were quite a big group there. Pisco sour was amazing and moreover we had a lot of delicious food. At least I could see my friends from work too. After, we went to the Chapeau Rouge. I had been already many times to this one. We had again a great time there because of people. I was having Caipirinha and Becherovka also. I guess that it made me feel sick because when I woke up next morning I had a temperature.

Seriously, I have to do something with my illness. I need to find a way how to resist because I was ill in France at least four times and I am also scared that it would be same here in Amsterdam. Yes, so I got ill in Prague. I was so unhappy in the morning because people were planning to go ice-skating. I also wanted to go so badly. Although I could not. I felt terrible. I arrived to my friend´s hostel to say goodbye and I took an advantage of the fact that nobody controlled if we really lived in the hostel and I had a breakfast for free.

I had to leave everybody and I was heading to Hradec. When I arrived I was glad to see my mum and Juliette! I was more than happy. I totally love being with them. We had three more days left but unfortunately I spent them in my bed. I felt terrible with the temperature. Moreover, I had really weird feeling. It was actually first time when I cried since I left to France. I could not believe it and I don’t know why it was happening but I felt awful at that time. I remember I was just lying in my bed and I realized that I was in the middle of my exchange and I did not have much time left. I had a lot of time to think about everything and the only thing I had in my mind was that I wanted to go back. Of course, I felt delighted to be with my family but I felt like I was missing a lot while being in Prague. Everybody went back to Lille and I was in Prague. I saw many videos and pictures from Lille and I was still in the Czech Republic. I mean, it was crazy because I knew I was coming back in three days but I could not stop being sad. At that moment, I realized for the first time that it would be terribly difficult to come back to my real life. I felt kind of obsessed with being in Lille in the middle of activities and I did not want to miss anything. I had unpleasant feelings. Then, I met few people from Hradec and I did not feel well at all. Nobody really cared about my staying in France and nobody could understand how I felt. Of course I perceived it too sensitively but I just regretted going to the Czech Republic in general. Nevertheless, I went back in few days and I was again happy in Lille and another adventures that followed were the best ones!

Prague trip

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