Zelezny Brod

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Welcome to the real czechy !

Published by Daphné Simo — 3 years ago


Dobry Den !

Where can you go for 8 euro ? Zelezny Brod of course ! Go to Hlalvni Nadrazi with Metro C(red one). Take the train from Prague to Zelezny Brod. You will see train station is quite easy to understand ! I have found my way directly ! Train trip is almost 2 hours but sorry guys there is not Wifi in Czech train !

You will discorver another face of czech lands ! Mountains, trees, countryside... Howover be careful, it could be cold during winter (it was during easter!). I have discover czech traditions (Pomalzka :'( ). I recommend you to go there so to just have a break and cut with city daily life.

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