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Vltava Beach

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Prague’s very own beach

Translated by flag-gb Lottie Davies — 4 years ago

Original text by flag-es Maika Cano Martínez

We discovered this place in Prague by chance, as we were actually intending to go somewhere else that we had found on the map, but my time here is actually one of the best memories that I have of the city. This beach sits to one side of the Vltava river, very close to the Charles Bridge, on the same side that the castle and the cathedral are found.

Prague’s beach

Basically, it is an area with sand on one side of the river and is like a mini beach, hence its name. There are lots of swans wandering about freely - in other words, we were walking around next to them - but we didn’t dare touch them! Many of the other people there were throwing bread to them. We looked like little kids running behind them! We have some great photos with views of the river, the Charles Bridge, and our friends, the swans, in the background. Now, every time I see an area with lots of swans, I have to go there for a little and take lots of photos. There were lots of other tourists enjoying this little spot during their day in the city.

Prague’s beach

After, we sat down on a bench for a little bit that was a little bit further away from the sand, but we still had some beautiful views from it. And, on top of that, it was sunny, so the memory that I have of my time there is incredible.

Prague’s beach

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