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Namestí Miru

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Namestí Miru or Peace Square

Published by flag-pt Teresa Nunes — 5 years ago

Namestí Míru is a Square near the Vinohrady district in Prague 2. It is a very nice and pleasent square and it's worth to go there if you are in Prague for a while. It is dominated by the Church of St. Ludmila. In front of the church is a large, nicely landscaped central area with many benches where locals like to sit and chat, read or watch their kids or dogs play. This is also where one of the Christmas market takes place in December and it's sometimes where some other types of events such as small concerts take place. The Christmas market is not very big but it's less touristical than the ones in Wenclas or Old Town Square, so it's a nice one to check out if you have the opportunity. You can find cheaper and nicer handcraft and other types of objects and you can find the famous Trdelnik for a cheaper price than in the city centre! (50 czech crowns! ) In the next photo you can see the huge and beautiful christmas tree.


The Church of St. Ludmila is a typical neo-gothic church, built in a style very common all across Prague and the rest of Czech Republic. It was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. In the next two photos you can see a stunning sunrise behind St. Ludmilla's church.



Namestí Miru, like many other places in Prague, looks absolutely amazing when it snows. The snow seems to suit the neo-gothic style of St. Ludmilla's Church.


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