Průhonice Park

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Průhonice Park

Published by Joana Pereira

Ready for a Prague city center get-away?
If you are studying a semester abroad in Prague you have to visit this park, it is beautiful during the summer with all the brusting colours coming out, during the autumn filled with orange and yellow colours and also during the freezing winter when it is covered with a snow blanket. Conclusion: you must go!

How to get there?

The park is in Průhonice, in the suburbs of Prague (not sure it is considered Prague or not), but it is not too far way.  It is more or less 30 minutes away from Opatov, so the best away is to get there is to catch bus or metro to Opatov and then from there you have one or more buses that can take you to Průhonice area, check Google Maps at the time and it will tell which ones are best for you, this ticket might have to be paid, but it's not expensive.

The park

To enter the park you have to pay 50,- CZK if you have a student card (it can be an international one) you only pay 30!
The secret to enjoy the most the park is to get lost in there, follow the paths through the different areas, enjoy the view from the palace inside, enjoy the small lake in front of it, the extensive area of green, and the huge lake on the other side of the park.


You will spend an entire day in there without noticing time passing by!
For me this was one of the best jewels I discovered in Prague.


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