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Prague astronomical clock

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Published by sylivia francis

Prague astronomical clock is the oldest clock in prague, czech republic and the third oldest clock in world.its located in Prague 1 old town square in the old town tower hall. This clock has been in the world for more than six centuries but it still working as if it was made today. A lot of people come from all around the world to this world astronomical clock which use to serve the kings and now the president. Its a very popular historical place in Czech Republic for tourists to visit. It says that this clock has more thsn 600 year though it was destroyed in the uprising of prague city but it still operates up to date. Every day right before noon, hoards of people gather in front of the clock and wait for it to strike, at which time sculptures of the Twelve Apostles take turns peeking through two windows at the top of the clock. Below them, a skeleton representing death pulls a bell, while the three figures of the miser, vanity, and remember, much of Central and Eastern Europe was once ruled by the Ottoman Empire nod to each other in a kind of morbid understanding.

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