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sylivia francis

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Dar Es Salaam
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Dar Es Salaam
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  • Experience

    Biggest lake in Africa

    Lake victoria is one of the lagest lake in the world. The second fresh water lake in the planet and first large in Africa. Lake Vitoria was named after the queen Victoria. Lake Victoria is the very beautiful lake in the world since it surround by the rock mountains and...

    0 by sylivia in Erasmus experiences SAUT , 25 days ago
  • Place

    Old town square

    Old town square is one of the famous place in the capital city of Czech republic prague. Which was found  in the twelfth century. This city it is famous for his Christmas ceremonies and it has witness so many celebrations and historical events. Old town square is also...

    by sylivia in What to see Prague, 25 days ago
  • Place

    Palladium mall

    Palladium mall is one of the famous and the biggest mall located in the city center of prague, Czech Republic  which contains of 170 shops and 30 restaurants and make it consists of 200 shops. Palladium mall was opened in 2007 it has five floors of shopping exciting...

    by sylivia in What to do Prague, 25 days ago
  • Place

    Prague astronomical clock

    Prague astronomical clock is the oldest clock in prague, czech republic and the third oldest clock in world.its located in Prague 1 old town square in the old town tower hall. This clock has been in the world for more than six centuries but it still working as if it was...

    by sylivia in What to see Prague, 27 days ago
  • Place

    Charles bridge

    Charles bridge is the one of the oldest bridge in europe and the first bridge in czech republic which used to connect two parties of prague. This is the historical brigde which come around from thirteen century and passes to cross the vltava river in prague. Charles...

    by sylivia in What to see Prague, 27 days ago
  • New photos in Mwanza

    gallery updated, 27 days ago
  • Experience

    Oldest university in Czech Republic

    Charles university is the oldest university in the  czech republic and its provides the best education in the country. If you get addimission to charlse university you wont regret what will become of your career. Charles university is located in prague the capital city...

    0 by sylivia in Erasmus experiences UK , 28 days ago
  • Experience

    Anglo American University

    Anglo American University was found in 1990. Its a  nice place to be since its allow all students from all places in the world. If you choose Anglo American University you won't feel lonely because you will be gaining a lot exposure with different life experience from...

    0 by sylivia in Erasmus experiences AAUNI , 28 days ago
  • Place

    Prague castle

    A prague castle is a beautiful place its on top of the hill it looks nice at night where you can see the all prague city... its the oldest, biggest and the most beautiful castle in prague and was found in nineteen century. Located in prague 1 near malastrana station and...

    by sylivia in What to see Prague, 28 days ago

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