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What a wonder!

Translated by Natacha Doble — one year ago

Original text by Lucía Merlo

Prague. I was in that city three years ago, and what a city! There was great food, beautiful monuments, buildings, places, etc.

I visited the city in 10 days, but it wasn't enough. Yes, you can see the city in less than 10 days, but to visit it....not even joking. It's a city with a special charm, (but the people weren't nice in my experience). There are a lot of things to explore: the wall of John Lennon, the Astronomical Clock in the plaza of the Old City and its tower (if you're lucky, you can also enjoy the. medieval market at the plaza), the plaza Wenceslao, really beautiful, the famous bridge of Carlos and the tower of Gunpowder, the Castle of Prague, the San Vito Cathedral.... and so much more! One of the churches I loved the most was the San Nicolas church, simply incredible. I was in awe when I entered.

I had the pleasure of seeing the black theatre, typical of Prague and it left me impressed with its beauty.

In addition, I was able to visit the city of Terezin and the concentration camp.... Really impressive, but necessary to see the history under its perspective.

Prague is amazing and a must see for everyone.


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