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Dancing house, Tančící dům, Nationale-Nederlanden

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The best view in the centre.

Published by flag- शैफाली ठाकुर — 5 years ago

Named after the famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – the house resembles a pair of dancers and provides a beautiful architecture to admire from outside and inside, alike. Ginger and Fred restaurant on the third floor is a must visit, the food is amazing. They have art exhibits outside the building and also on  the ground floor on different themes. And when you are done with the art and the food, a visit to the glass bar at the top floor of the building is highly recommended. It is a beautiful small place, the floor is glass and has a nice ambience. Drink some good Czech beer and go outside on the balcony, that has a huge metallic twisted structure, looks like a globe to me but is nicnamed Medusa. The view of the city is breath-taking from here, specially sunsets, make sure to go on a romantic evening with someone special or with friends. There is also a telescope installed, it is quite powerful and can be used to either stalk vehicles on the road or admire the architecture of buildings. It is possible to see the castle through the telescope, appreciate the architecture. Night view from the balcony is also recommened. After you have had heartful of this warming experience, a walk across the famous vltava river (the longest river in Czech Republic) could culminate the Czech experience. The river can be seen right across the street when you get out of the Dancing house. Drinking on roads (in public) is legal (not spirits), and there is nothing better than a Czech beer. Make the most of the experience. 

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