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Letná Park - Letenské sady

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One of the many amazing views in Prague

Published by Teresa Nunes

The views are definitely one of the best things Prague as to offer. From the castle to the Petrín Hill tower, the city is full of stunning sights. So what's special about Letna park's view? The park itself doesn't have that much too offer, at least compared to other parks in Prague (check my post about Havlickovy Sady). It's good if you want to go for a run, to ride a bike or to play some sports, because it has lots of space. What really makes it worth to go there is the fact that Letna Park is located at a privileged spot in the city, on top of a small hill, but still so close to the centre, plus, it's not that much of a popular place, so you practically don't see any tourists, which is always good news when it comes to Prague.

There are many small spots along the park where you can see the view, but my favourite is the one really close to the skate park, where you seat right beneath a string full of hanging shoes (I never really understood the meaning of it). From there you will see three or four of the many bridges in Prague, and a lot more, of course. So, pick a day with nice weather (they are rare, but they do exist! ), grab some beers, and sit there for a few hours! And next time you go into a souvenir shop in Prague and you look at the postcards, you will be able to say "Oh, I saw that! I was there!".

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Published by Joana Pereira

Letná Park

No matter how old you are, why you go to Prague or how long you stay, Letná Park has to have a place in your itinerary. On the banks of the Vlatva river you can enjoy a sunny day or the snow in Letná and have the perfect view over the entire city!


The best way to go there and enjoy the view and the place itself is by crossing Čechův Most and climb all the stairs until the park. Don't worry about time, don't go in a hurry, walk around all the paths, stop from time to time just to observe the beauty of this magical city from on of its top sites. You have both grassy areas with pretty trees, colorfull bushes and also sport paths for running and also a skating place. Perfect to hang out with friends with some beers or with a full picknick basket!


On the top of the park there is the famous Metronome, placed there after the demolition of the huge statue of Stalin. There you can take that perfect picture of Prague to always remember the city.


Where to go from there?

From the Letná Park I strongly advise you to go walking to the Castle district, on your way there you will cross another nice sighseeing spots, my favorite one has a swing under a tree (hope it is still there).


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