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Feels like home

Published by Cristian Fabi — 3 years ago

Sometimes living abroad is hard. It is quite difficult to make friends, or maybe your University is not what you expected it to be. At the beginning, things are quite tough to handle and you need to find a cozy place where you can actually feel like you are at home, even for just half an hour.

I think I have what people in Milan might be looking for. Trattoria Da Bruna & Sandro. Here I brought all my friends from all over the world and loved it. It is an old fashioned Italian restaurant, run by the same family for almost twenty years now. The food is, of course, traditional Italian. The menu changes every day, which gives an idea of how fresh the food is. It is also good because they upload the menu on their Facebook page before service starts so that people can decide what they want and show up ready to order!

During the winter the popular dishes can be:

  • Lasagna;
  • Polenta & Brasato;
  • Minestrone;
  • Basically, comfort food;
  • etc.

During the summer instead, they serve:

  • Burrata & Pomodori;
  • Insalata di Riso;
  • Bresaola;
  • Cotto & Taleggio;
  • Vitello Tonnato;
  • etc.

Having a lot of hotels nearby, among those the Marriott Hotel, is a plus. Sometimes there is a chance to meet really nice people from different countries. Once, I met a family from New York. It was a cold night of December and they were traveling through Italy for their winter break. On their way back to Milan from Venice they were checking their phone to see if they could find an Italian place for their last Italian dinner, and so that is how I happened to meet them while they were at the restaurant. I even met an Air Canada pilot once. He was eating alone and I heard him speaking English so I approached him and he told me he was staying at the Marriott because he had a long lay over and he wanted to eat some Italian food rather than eating "international" food at the hotel.


Below some of the dishes the cook makes:


(Hamburger with onions and cheese, yummy! )


(If you are not into red meat that much, there is always another option, like fish! )


(And to conclude, if you are lucky the cook has also made some dessert! )

The kitchen is open every day except Sundays, from twelve o'clock to three in the afternoon. Dinner is always served only if booked in advance or simply call, they sometimes accept guests even if it may not be the right time. The bar is open every day from eight o'clock to eight in the evening, and you can have breakfast, an aperitivo or a coffee if you are just passing by.

Their main website is actually a Facebook page, but they also post pictures of dishes and flyers for events they host, usually in the winter. So please give them a like and a follow, that way you will be able to discover more about them.

- Cristian

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