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Forest in the sky

Published by İklime Polat Yalçıner — 3 years ago

Bosco Verticale is one of the landmarks in Milan. I first heard about it from a friend. She told me that it is a must-see building in Milan for an interior architect. I went to Porta Garibaldi railway station. When you get out of the station you see these two green towers full of trees and plants. It looks stunning. I was amazed. After seeing the building I wanted to go inside but I learned that it is an apartment where people live so I just imagined living there and took photos from outside.

Forest in the sky


I searched about this building on the internet because I was interested in green life/buildings. It is an award winning building block consisting two towers with a vertical garden in Milan in the Porta Nuova Isola area. If you want to go and see it you can just go to Porta Garibaldi Railway Station like me.

Bosco Verticale is built in 2014 and designed by Boeri Studio Architects with the leadership of architects Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca, and Giovanni La Varra. Vertical garden landscape design is done by Emanuela Borio and Laura Gatti while landscape design is made by Land s. r. l. The interior is designed by Coima Image s. r. l.; Antonio Citterio & Partners but unfortunately I couldn't see interiors.

Forest in the sky

The building consists of two towers. Towers heights are 80 and 112 metres. The building has 480 large and medium trees, 300 small trees, and variety of plants. Various plants helps to develop the microclimate which produces humidity, absorbs CO2 and particles, produces oxygen, and protects against radiation and noise pollution. The architects of the building say that they dreamed about constructing expensive high class building without consuming the resources that conventional housing would demand, thus they built Bosco Verticale.

Forest in the sky


This building’s façade is living, growing, constantly evolving. The colors of the plants are changing according to season and I saw it in autumn it was colorful. It is said that climatic characteristics are examined while choosing the appropriate plants according to their features like height. So people who want to live there, don't just choose a flat, they also should consider which trees and plants they want to live with. The arrangements and maintenance of plants are the condominium’s responsibility. To guarantee the safety issue, the team made some tests for various trees to find out that as if it is appropriate while meeting with wind, otherwise there would occur huge problems.

The plants protect interior spaces from acoustic pollution, dust, harsh winds and direct sunlight. The buildings aim to be energy saving and for example greywater from the building is filtered and reused and also plants are contributing to biodiversity. Moreover, these towers isnt just for people, also a home for insects, birds and animals that usually live in the parks.

I think this is one of the coolest building in the world and also it is said to be the first forest in the sky apartments. There are more green facade building in Milan like this, you can see them everywhere but this unusual building is really fascinating so I advice you to see it in real.

Forest in the sky

Forest in the sky

Video of the building

Enjoy Milan.


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