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Published by Petros Nicolaou — 6 years ago

Greek Fusion comes from the experience of twenty years before Ghireria Greek opened in 1994 in Italy. Definitely an environment from the Greek style, bright, fresh and beautiful, which offers everything that a restaurant can offer, serving food and drink directly imported from Greece.

The variations are many, and the menu, with valid options for both vegetarians and omnivores both vegans. You can click through a fair amount of appetizers and many types of Gyros Pita for which we are famous throughout Italy.

The alternative for those who want to eat plenty offers an array of dishes from discrete portions, where the "Piattone Meat Mix" is by far the largest and required. Obviously there are the Greek desserts, yogurt and different types of alcoholic beverages or liqueurs.

From Greek Fusion count including sweet, drink and coffee it is modest compared to other cuisines of local products, thanks to a formula specially designed to reduce costs by eliminating even the bread and covered, despite the use of many accessories in respect for the environment.

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