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Specialties on the go

Published by Cristian Fabi — 3 years ago

Whenever I have friends visiting me in Milan they always ask me where to go and eat. Given that I live there it is understandable that they think I know, but the truth is I do not. I live there and my parents run a restaurant so I hardly eat out, and if I do I try to be cheap. Also, as I am Italian, when I go out I do not normally have Italian food. I may have a pizza but if not I will most likely have something else, maybe from a fast food, or if I wanna go big I will have sushi or Chinese all you can eat.

I might not be that helpful but I still know where to find some good things in the city center. Luini has been around forever and everyone knows about it. It is a cute little forno.

Specialties on the go.


The queue outside is always very long but it is very dynamic. There is no place to sit, so it is likea Sicilian take away. Their specialties are anything fried, like arancini and panzerotti. Prices are very competitive, you can get panzerotto (which is like a smaller calzone more or less) for 2, 50 euros, and if you think that fried is “too heavy” you can also order a baked one.

Specialties on the go.

(This is usually the line outside this place during the day. But fear no more because its staff is really fast in serving people so the wait is actually not that long).

Its location is great, it is basically behind the Duomo, really close to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and next to the movie theater. This is just perfect for everyone who wants something on the go while wandering around the city center. We usually try to find a square where we can sit, or if we manage not to eat it before, we go to Park Sempione and find a place in the shade. Just by speaking about it, I got hungry.

Specialties on the go.


I found their menu, so you can get an idea of what you can find if you go there and want to try something typical from Southern Italy in your trip to Northern Italy, lol.

Specialties on the go.


- Cristian

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