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Magnum Pleasure Store

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Magnum Pleasure Store

Published by flag-pl Karolina G. — 5 years ago

Magnum Pleasure Store

Magnum Pleasure Store, as a name suggests, is an amazing experience involving delicious ice cream and a lot of belgian chocolate. Just by looking at the pictures, I wish I could go back there! It is a good alternative to traditional Italian gelato.

It is not only available in Milan but in numerous big cities across the world, so maybe you've experienced it before but it is definitely worth to come back.

Magnum Pleasure Store

You can watch as the ice cream is prepared and choose the ingredients, which suit you teste the most. Firstly you choose the type of chocolate: milk, dark or white and then another toppings that your ice cream will be dipped in.

It looks absolutely beautiful and you'll probably take pictures for your social media or just to show your friends but I guess everyone does that ;)

The inside of the shop look very nice as well. They have a frozen wall, made of something resembling snow, where you can draw or write with your fingers. There are pictures of ice creams on the walls. But you don't have to buy ice cream when you're there (or maybe not only them, because you can't say no to those). They also sell hot and cold beverages.

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