La Vigna Di Leonardo

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Passion of Leonardo da Vinci: La Vigna Di Leonardo

Published by İklime Polat Yalçıner — 3 years ago

Leonardo's Vineyard is a hidden gem in the heart of Milano. I actually found it by chance. My aim was to see the Last Supper and Santa Maria Delle Grazie and when i went there i didint know that i had to do reservation, otherwise it is not possible to go inside. Because everybody wants to see these places.and it is crowded all the time. Anyway, i was planning to buy an online ticket so i just wanted to sit somewhere. I saw a cafe place named  Leonardo's Vineyard. I went inside and asked information about that wineyard. It was for 9 euros with audio guide. I felt excited and bought the ticket and went inside.

Passion of Leonardo da Vinci: La Vigna Di Leonardo

It was an impressive experience to see the place where Leonardo da Vinci lived and worked for a while. I learned from the audio guide that Duke of Milan gave this wineyard to Leonardo in 1498. Over twentieth century it was renovated by famous and very important Milanese architect Piero Portaluppi then Portaluppi Foundation and the owners of the house decided to replant the vineyard and open to the public for Expo 2015.

Passion of Leonardo da Vinci: La Vigna Di Leonardo

The house has 5 zones called Zodiac Hall, Luini Hall, Staircase Hall, Studio Hall, Garden and the Wineyard. Before all these Halls you will start the tour from the patio. In Zodiac Hall there are astrological images on the ceiling. They are painted with lively colors. It was impressive. The Luini Hall is devoted to Sforza family whose portraits are demonstrated in the walls. In the Staircase Hall which used as a living area there was a cat laying on the dining table and it made me laugh. The cat was like laying down there since Leonardo’s time =)) It was last years autumn when i visited Leonardo's Vineyard, so the leaves were on the ground in the garden and it looked so romantic to me. I walked in the garden and wineyard feeling strange emotions after learning the experiences and history of the place.

Passion of Leonardo da Vinci: La Vigna Di Leonardo

Visitors of Milan can take guided tours here, both with audio or a translator walking with them. For updated hours and ticket info you can check website. Also there is a coffee shop  in the entrance where i said i drink coffee. You can buy tickets or souvenirs from here and drink or eat something. Dont miss this experience when you visit Milan. You will feel walking in the past..


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