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The Best Day Trips from Milano

Published by Allison Heidr — 3 years ago

If you have ever been to Milan you know one thing for sure.

It is a buzzing, lively city.

Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and we need to get out of the big city life. Not into Parco Sempione, no, I mean further away. Whenever I needed some time out, there were two options: up to the lake or down to the sea.

Here are my two favorite getaways:

1. A day by the lake - Como

The Best Day Trips from Milano

Only an hour in the train and you will find yourself in a whole new world. Como is a small city located at the southern tip of the lake Como. With only about 84. 000 people living there, it is the perfect city to relax and enjoy a quit day between beautiful landscapes.

To get there, I highly recommoend taking a train from the central station. As mentioned before, it only takes an hour and will cost you no more than 10 euros for both ways.

What to do

  • Once you arrive, take a stroll around the beautiful lake and enjoy the architecture.
  • In the middle of the lake, you will find a very interestingly shaped sculpture. The artist behind this masterpiece, Life Electric, in Daniel Libeskind.
  • If you are a fan of cathedrals, make your way up to the Cathedral of Como (Duomo). You can even go inside!
  • Go on a ride with Funicolare. What you can expect? Breathtaking views of the city and the lake. Don't miss it!

The Best Day Trips from Milano The Best Day Trips from Milano The Best Day Trips from Milano

What and where to eat

I am a huge fan of the Italian cuisine so it is no surprise that I'll tell you about the most important thin: Food. For good, traditional food, look no further than Tigella Bella di Garavaglia Matteocomo. Especially the sandwiches are amazing and perfect for a quick lunch on the go.

For some nice refreshing gelato, my favorite is Guidi. Their selection of flavours is great and the ice cream, as so often in Italy, is heavenly.

2. For beach babes - Sestri Levante

I grew up by the sea and whenever I spend too much time in the city, I get this urge to go to the ocean. One day, me and my friend woke up and decided it was a day for the beach. We packed our bags, went to central station and asked for the closest and best beach to go to for the day - Sestri Levante it was.

The Best Day Trips from Milano

I will tell you now, it is probably not the most beautiful beach you've ever seen but believe me, it is the perfect getaway from the busy city. Especially in the summer, when Milan seems to be a huge sauna with no escaping, a jump into the ocean will feel better than ever.

The Best Day Trips from Milano

Again, I highly recommend taking a train - It will take you about 2h30 and cost you less than 20€.

I will be honest with you, all we did was lay by the beach, swim in the ocean and get really sunburned. So be prepared, don't leave the sunscreen at home.

The Best Day Trips from Milano

I can recommend a great place for ice cream though (as absolute food lover, I feel like I have to): Le Granite.

The Best Day Trips from Milano

So these are my two favourite city escapes.

There are a few more cities around Milan I will be writing about soon. Some are perfect day trips while others are great for a weekend away.

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration for the next time, you feel the city is too much.

Safe travels!

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