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Where to eat cheap close to Duomo

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Where to eat close to Duomo

Translated by Patricia Pedreño Alcaraz — 3 years ago

Original text by Luis M.S

Duomo is without any doubt the most visited place in Milan. On weekends everything is full of tourists everywhere you look, and it's normal, it's really impressing. If you are not rich and you can't pay any of the restaurants in Vittorio Emanuele galery where the most simple dish of pasta will cost you 12€, here I left you 3 places where you can eat really cheap.

Where could I eat next to Duomo?


Well, here I made a little touristic map(designed by a 5 years old) for you to locate yourself in the place. Some of those places are just to eat something really on the go (Mc Donalds) and others are the ones which are worth it (Spontini and Luini.

Mc Donalds

Everyone knows this company of fast food, there is nothing that I could tell about it that you wouldn't know. If your mission is to eat something just like something fast I'm going to tell you places where to do it just in the Duomo.

As you can see, the first Mc Donalds is just opposite the Duomo square, you cross the central square and you find it in front of you, you can't get lost.



If you didn't have enough with just one Mc Donalds, the company has just built another one at the same place. From the Duomo you enter in Galeria Vitorio Emanuele II turn right and you see it again in front of you.

Prices don't vary a lot in relation with other companies that you could find in your area, maybe a menu or something could be more expensive. Even though, there are always those wonderful and healthy 1€ burgers that saved more that one occasion.


Definetly Mc Donalds has its particular Italian copy turned into pizza and with better quality. This company is called Spontini and they make pizzas al trancio very tasty and economic.

For those of you who don't know what pizza al trancio is, those are the typical triangular shaped pizzas and thick. They didn't have too much variety (marinera, margarita, and with ham) but the relation between quality and price is amazing. Here you could buy a really good pizza for €3. 50 at the same Duomo.



You can find this place next to the second Mc Donalds which I describe above. You enter into the Vittorio Emanuele galery, you turn right and you will find it at the end of the street, it's just at the left corner.




Last one is the most important place Luini, this is the place where you are obligated to go. When you will enter in Milan they should give you a paper and till you don't sign like you went to Luini you can't leave.

Here you will find the famous panzerotti of Milan, which is hand made and it's really good. Mi relationship with this place at the beginning was purely a love / hate relationship. Every time I went there it was closed or with a very long line which could have ended in my village and all the way back two times. It was impressing, I will never be able to try that panzerotti if I couldn't wait a 2 hours line.

But relax, I'm here to help you. The schedules of Luines are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and Mondays from 10:00 to 15:00. Here you will find really big lines if you go at the peak hour (from 12:00 to 16:00 more or less), but if you go in other time you could buy a panzerotti at the moment (as I told so many times).

Mi favorite is the classic one (with tomato and mozzarella) but there are more types, even sweet panzerotti with chocolate for the sweet lovers. Prices? Just 20 euros each panzerotti. Super cheap right? Relax guys, I was kidding, classic panzerotti is just €2. 50.



How to find Luini?

It's really simple, its in the same place where you could find Mc Donalds and Spotini. You just have to enter to the street where the ice-cream shop is and you will find it, maybe because of the huge quantity of people there, or because of the big letter it has. I would recommend you to print my map and bring it with you while you are walking around in Milan. I don't know if it will help you (I hope so), but it would be so fun just see someone with a map like that designed by me.



So, you know if you want to have the best day at Milan city center you don't need to go really far in order to eat good quality food and economic. Don't be like the average tourists eating at the restaurants close to the Duomo for more than 20€, I don't think is worth it (I eat there everyday because of my great income).

Enjoy the Duomo, the atmosphere and try the best panzerotti all can have it.

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