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Erasmus party at Kineo Cafe

Published by Astha Chopra — one year ago

Kineo Cafe, at Via Pier della Francesca, 54, was a very nice experience. I visited it for an Erasmus pre-party on a Thursday evening, before the party shifted to Gattopardo club on the same road. The Kineo Cafe is not very big in size, but extends over two floors, an underground floor and a ground floor. The ground floor has a small DJ setup right in front of the entrance, next to which is the bar. 

Erasmus party at Kineo Cafe

The cafe is designed in a very modern style, with classic black leather furniture and black tufted panelling on the walls and bar counter. There is a private like space on the ground floor, raised a few steps from the main floor and designed with mirrored wall panels for big groups. The floor below has more seating in the same style, overlooking a small garden with big palm plants and white pebble rocks on the floor, separated by floor to ceiling glass windows. This garden gives a very mystical and beautiful ambience to the floor at night.

When I visited Kineo Cafe, the place was relatively empty. The Erasmus handler gave us one token for a free drink, and we sat and took in the atmosphere while sipping on our well-made drinks. The DJ played latest pop music, both English and Spanish.

Erasmus party at Kineo Cafe

The best highlight of our night was the Kineo DJ playing Indian music. He had played a commonly known Punjabi beat song, that plays in many European clubs. When my group got up to dance (all of us were Indians) he realized the music we were grooving to, and began playing Indian and Bollywood hits. It was an eventful night, and made us feel really welcome and appreciated. More drinks and dancing followed, while other people began getting up to dance seeing our energy and excitement. The Kineo Cafe was soon full of people dancing, and our night was made!

Erasmus party at Kineo Cafe

The Erasmus party was supposed to move to Gattopardo club after this, but we were really happy with the ambience and music at Kineo so we stayed put. The DJ was amazing, interpreted his audience's music tastes and played them to perfection. The drinks we ordered later were also made perfectly (nothing too less, nothing too much) and were definitely a value for money.

Erasmus party at Kineo Cafe

I would recommend Kineo Cafe to everyone for at least one night out, not for a raving club mood but more for a chill lounge vibe. The modern decor, comfortable ambience and comfortable music is very chill and relatable, for both couples and a group of friends. It is located in a well connected area as well (near Domodossola) so late nights will not dampen your mood!

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