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Ono Sushi Experience

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Good sushi

Published by flag-it Cristian Fabi — 4 years ago

I have been coming to this place for two years now, in fact, I know it since when it used to be Master Chef, but now it became Ono Sushi Experience.

Anyway, this is the best Japanese food I had in Milan because they have "menu alla carta", so you order the food and it comes fresh from the kitchen. I do not like sushi places with a buffet you take the food out of. I like it when food comes from the kitchen because I know that they made it for me and it is still hot and nice.

Good Sushi.

I love uramaki salmon and philadelphia, but I also like tiger rolls. I also tried rice noodles, chicken, and onigiri. There are two kinds of menus for lunch, one is twelve euros and ninety cents (except drinks) and has a larger variety of food, the other is less expensive, ten euros and ninety cents, but you can choose less stuff. They are both All You Can Eat though, so even if you have less food to choose from you can eat as much as you want. Dinner costs more, nineteen euros and eighty cents. In both occasions you cannot leave food on your plate, otherwise, you will pay more than the menu. They also have a variety of things that you can order and take away, but of course, it is more expensive than an "all you can eat" menu at the restaurant.

Good Sushi.

Good Sushi.

Its position is the only thing that I do not like because it is far from where I live, I normally have to take the metropolitana and then a bus or try to get a ride from someone who is coming with me.

- Cristian

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