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The Nightlife Guide of Milano

Published by Allison Heidr — 3 years ago

Let me start by telling you this: except for Mondays, there is always a reason to celebrate something, somewhere in Milan.

Milan is well known for fashion and design, so it comes at no surprise, that you get some of the most fancy clubs in this metropolis. But what you might have not expected: there are places where you will be perfectly comfortable in jeans and a simple t-shirt.

In this nightlife guide, I will tell you about six very different nightclubs in the Italian city that always finds a reason to party. They might not be everyone's favourite but I'm sure you'll find something that is just right for you.

1. Just Cavalli

The Nightlife Guide of Milano

Let's start off with a fancy one on this list. For Just Cavalli you can get your nicest heels out, put on your favourite outfit and rock the night. I will warn you - there are some rather old men sometimes that are 'hunting' for young girls but just stay away from them and dance the night away. If you go earlier, definitely do the aperitivo! Especially in summer this place is beautiful. The music is usually very mainstream.

2. Old Fashion

The Nightlife Guide of Milano

If you like hip hop and RnB, this is the place you have to be on a Sunday night! So here is my personal tip: go to Just Cavalli for aperitivo, go get some wine at a close by supermarket and then, at around midnight, head over to Old Fashion for an amazing night! Depending on the day you go here, the music type will change so make sure you go on a day that suits you.

3. Bobino

The Nightlife Guide of Milano The Nightlife Guide of Milano

Ok, so this is the place where zero f*cks are given. For a perfect night out, I suggest you go to Navigli for a nice aperitivo and drink lots of cocktails. From the main canal it is only a 10 minute walk to this little hidden place. You will find mostly Italians and a crazy mix of music. This is definitely the place to go crazy! Had some of the funniest nights here.

4. 11Clubroom + 11Rooftop bar

First stop, definitely the gorgeous rooftop bar. Have some drinks, enjoy some chilled house vibes and it might just happen that you decide to stay there. It is quite a chic place so if you feel like getting all fancy, don't hesitate. If you do feel like partying, just go down the street into 11clubroom. It really depends on the night whether it's busy or not so make sure you go with a fun group of friends. And watch out for the steps, I nearly fell a few times.

5. Loolapaloosa

Ready to party the Brazilian way? Then this is the place to go! The place looks super cool, the people are gorgeous and so friendly and here you can be sure as hell to have a fun night, if you enjoy dancing!

6. The Club

The Nightlife Guide of Milano

Last but not least, the club with the most creative name ever: The Club. So this place you will either love or hate. Don't bother to get all dressed up, go with flats and be prepared to dance a lot. What I love about this place, are the people that work here. Favourite bouncer and favourite bartender. The music can be quite annoying on some nights in my personal opinion but then again, they have themes and you can go to whichever 'event' you want.

The nice thing is that it is right at Brera which has amazing restaurants. Also, Arco della Pace is one of the absolute best places for aperitivo. (More on that in another post).

Milan is a city that loves to party. It is up to you to find your personal favourite and the only way to do that, is to try a few new things. Enjoy doing that and have fun, dancing the night away!

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