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  • Blender

    When I was doing my Erasmus in Milan, we usually went there for "Aperitivo". Near to the no. 54 bus stop, it's is easy to reach and it's one of the few places where I could try a variety of good appetisers and drinks. I recommend getting a Mojito (which in many places...

    0 by Tomás, 5 years ago
  • Ottımomassımo

    Finding a good place to drink good coffee in Milano is not that hard=)But sometimes it is hard to find a calm place as there are always a lot of tourists and so much crowd the streets. If you ever try to find a calm cafe in the city center for studying or reading book...

    0 by İklime, 6 years ago
  • Nightlife

    Let me start by telling you this: except for Mondays, there is always a reason to celebrate something, somewhere in Milan. Milan is well known for fashion and design, so it comes at no surprise, that you get some of the most fancy clubs in this metropolis. But what you...

    0 by Allison, 6 years ago
  • Lambrate Brewery

    The pub in Via Golgi is one of two which sell the artisan beer produced by Lambrate Brewery. The place is right in the middle of the città studi campus and so it is popular among university students. The beer is made for true experts and the €5 pricetag is acceptable...

    0 by Molly, 6 years ago
  • Singnorvino

    With such a central location you could be forgiven for assuming this would be a tourist trap, surprisingly it is packed with locals. At only €10 for a bottle of prosecco you should now understand why this was my second home in Milano. During the winter season it...

    0 by Amanda, 8 years ago

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