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Zio Provolone

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Pizza place, pizza time!

Published by Cristian Fabi — 3 years ago

I do not know if it is the same for you, but every time I have to eat I do not know where to go to get proper food. Picture it in your head: an Italian who lives in Milan whose parents run a restaurant. When does he go out to eat? Pretty much never, and if he does he eats Japanese, Chinese or American food. Not Italian. This is basically me, so when I crave a pizza I never know where to go, but for the last couple of times, I went to Zio Provolone in Lorenteggio.


They have a long list of pizzas they can make, even with particular ingredients. The design of the place is "old", meaning an old fashioned style - not old as in outdated furniture.

The pizza is good and the prices are not too bad. I am glad I found this place because the other ones I have tried are not as good, and sometimes the quality is not worth the price.


The location is not the greatest because it is basically out of the city, but there are a couple of buses that reach it, and there is a huge parking place too if you go there by car, which I suggest.

Pizza Place, Pizza Time!

(This is me sipping beer there).

- Cristian

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