Alcatraz Nightclub

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Erasmus Night in Milan

Translated by Hannah Hart — one year ago

Original text by Sara Villa García

Last weekend my friends and I went to the biggest nightclub in Milan: Alcatraz. We had been told that it was big but they were holding back. The best part was that we were told the entrance fee for guys was around 15 euros and 12 euros for girls. However, once we got there we went through the entrance reserved for Erasmus students and by showing our Erasmus student card, the entrance fee including two alcoholic drinks was just 10 euros.

It was filled with people yet we were able to move around perfectly, not like the many clubs in Oviedo in which there isn't any breathing space. We met a bunch of lovely people and from all around the world.

Inside the nightclub, there was even a special DJ show, a robot with neon lights and dancers.

Another thing about this place is that it is for all people and tastes since they have 3 different rooms with various types of music. In the biggest, they were playing techno, electronic and pop music. In a room reserved for smokers, there was reggaeton and Latino music. And in the third room, there was 80's and some rock music. I don't know if they change the music each day, this is only the information I can provide for the day that we went, but I shall keep you informed and update you once I return.

I believe it to be a club that every student should visit, not only for the party inside but because the place is worth seeing for itself. It is spectacular and I hope you like it too!

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