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Erasmus party at Le Banque

Published by Astha Chopra — one year ago

I visited Le Banque, a discotheque in Milan near Brera and Duomo, for an Erasmus party held there as part of their weekly party nights. The entrance is through a relatively narrow road, in an existing building of classic European architecture. Lit up with blue and white fairy lights for Christmas and New Year's Eve, Le Banque is easy to spot and decorated very nicely.

The entrance to Le Banque is through a great and beautiful hall that looks like it might belong to a hotel. There is also a coat checking facility. The club in itself is quite well designed, in a very Baroque-like style with columns separating the seating and dancing areas, tufted panels on the walls, red velveteen sofas, etcetera.

The entrance of Le Banque leads right to the central circular dance space, where the DJ is set up on a podium at the opposite end. On the left there is a big bar, behind which there are a lot of seating options available. On the right you have the VIP area, with good seat options and fancy wall paintings and decor.

The Erasmus party was Reggaeton in essence, so the music was mostly of recent nature, ranging from English to Spanish to some Italian music as well. The lighting created a great atmosphere, and there is a huge sparkling chandelier in the middle, off which the projected lights reflect and create an even better ambience. The crowd there was mostly comprised of students dressed to the nines and dancing like no one is watching.

The dance area did seem to start feeling too crowded at a point, even though the authorities say they can hold up to two thousand people in the club. The bartenders were nice and heard any and all requests, and made quite good drinks (nothing too dilute or too over the top). For accessing the bathrooms you have to exit the club and go down a flight of stairs. I found them to be clean and quite well-designed. There were safety officials standing guard as well.

I would recommend at least a one time attendance in this party for all the Erasmus students out there. Le Banque is located in a nice, well connected area, the music and drinks are good, and the crowd is comprised of students so is definitely great!

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