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An everything arena.

Published by Cristian Fabi — 3 years ago

This Arena is very important in Milan (Assago, to be precise). It hosts lots of concerts, with a capacity of twelve thousand seats, plus more standing tickets.

An everything arena. People usually stand right in front of the stage, but in this case, they just put more chairs. In my opinion, it is better to have people standing, for many reasons. The first one is that when I am at a concert I like to stand because it is more fun and the concert feels more dynamic. The second is that chairs take space and without them there is more room for more people to come in. If you look at the picture, where the stage and the chairs in front of it are, it is where the Italian team plays basketball, but again, every kind of event is hosted by this place (once I watched volleyball).

An everything arena. Source

There is also a summer arena for smaller concerts and for festivals like the Latino Summer Festival. The place offers also a Bowling place, an ice skating ring, some pool tables and a swimming pool. I have been here quite some times, and something like a couple of years ago the green metro line was extended to here, so it is very easy to reach it. On concert days it is packed and they usually put more trains, but on regular basis every two trains for Famagosta, there is one for Assago.

In this area there is also the shopping mall Carrefour, which shops and supermarkets inside, as well as Leroy Merlin (which sells outdoor stuff like vases for your garden, chairs and tables), Pittarosso (which sells shoes), and the Multisala UCI Cinemas with ten rooms, it is one of the biggest Cinemas in fact.

An everything arena. Source

This area of the city has been growing a lot in these past few years, thanks to the metro that connects it to the city. There are also buses, but they are less efficient. There are many hotels and congress centres, as well as new residences.

I have been here for the MTV EMAs event back in October 2015, where I have seen celebrities like Fifth Harmony, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Justin Bieber, Charlie XCX, James Bay, Tori Kelly, Jason Derulo, Macklemore and more; for a charity event when I was in middle school and for Taylor Switf's concert way back in 2011 (when there was no train, but thankfully there is a huge parking lot. I have been here more times, probably, but I can not remember every single one now.

An everything arena. (Macklemore opening the event. )

I think that this is a perfect place for concerts because it is less common to be left out without a ticket. I am basically saying that it takes more time for a concert to be sold out if it is happening here. I have been trying to buy some tickets for a concert that was hosted by a club with a capacity of two thousand people and I did not do it on time, so I ended up getting the ticket right outside the door on the concert's date, which was crazy. The good thing about small venues is that the concert is cozier, you feel more connected to whoever is singing.

- Cristian

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