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No Better place To eat

Published by Thea Gutmacher — 6 years ago

This street is great, full of bars, restaurants and even discoteques. It's a place where you fell good and free, a place you have to go. Not just to eat or drink but even just to walk, to think or to have good time with friends. The best thing is that it's available for everyone, you have expansive restaurants, great places to celebrate a birthday but there are also a lot of restaurants where you can take an aperitivo and so (to drink and eat for 10€), even on boats!

The singer Mika came in Milan last week and the first tip he gave was to go to eat in this place, so don't hesitate!


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Nice and clean hostel in Milan's center.

Published by Cristian Fabi — 3 years ago

Traveling is awesome even when you do it on your own. Have you ever asked some friends to go on a trip and they rejected your offer? Or they simply did not make an effort to organize anything? Because I have and it is not fun when you want to do something and no one takes you seriously. Thankfully though, we can travel on our own and spend the night in a hostel. The idea of sleeping with strangers might not be the most appealing to people, but if you see the big picture it might be actually nicer than having your own room in a hotel.

Milan, like other major cities in the world, is full of hostels. The only problem with having so many is finding the right one, the cheapest, the cleanest and the most central. As my friend told me she wanted to come and visit me I told her to try to find a hostel rather than another type of accommodation, but she does not know the city so I looked up for her and found a hostel with good reviews and nice pictures.

New Generation Urban Hostel Navigli Milan.

This hostel is very close to Darsena Navigli area, and it takes literally two minutes to reach it. Even if it is so close to a very busy area at almost any time of the day, it is very quiet.

Nice and clean hostel in Milan's center.

The common area as soon as you enter the door is very nice. There are some tables and red booths for people to sit down, there is a bar to get some drinks and chill and there is a second room if more people show up. It is quite modern with some paintings on the walls and there is a nice chandelier. The shared kitchen is just on the left, it is quite small but clean and does have everything you might need.

Nice and clean hostel in Milan's center.

In the common area, there is also a bathroom. When you check in, the staff gives you your key and your pillow to bring in your room. The staff is very nice and informed my friends that the rooms are cleaned every day.

Nice and clean hostel in Milan's center. (Picture from italian.

As my friends were two girls and they were staying in a girls only room I could not go upstairs with them so I just stayed downstairs and left to sit outside.

Nice and clean hostel in Milan's center. (Picture from

There are ashtrays for smokers and some chairs as well. I used the WiFi while I was waiting for my friends and I bought a bottle of water. My friends told me that the WiFi works in all rooms but depending on where you are in the building you get more or less signal. My friends told me that if they will be back to visit me they will definitely come back to this hostel.

Close to the hostel there is:

  • Colonne di San Lorenzo
  • Darsena
  • Naviglio Grande
  • Via Torino
  • Porta Genova FS

- Cristian

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Nice place to chill in the evenings

Published by Karolina G. — 3 years ago

Navigli is an area close to the canals in Milan, surrounded by plenty of cozy cafes and bars, perfect to spend evenings in. Italy is known for their culture of aperitivo and spending evenings dining together, enjoying meals, drinks, and long conversations for hours. You can pay only a few euros for all you can eat buffet and one coctail. Navigli is a good place for that because there are many restaurants serving aperitivo after certain hour, so you can just walk from one to another, looking for a place and comparing the offers.

Near by there is also a place, where many students just meet later at nights to drink and meet friends. Don't be surprised to see many people sitting on the ground in circles and having fun, drinking beers or wine. The place is called "Colonne di San Lorenzo" and as nice and innocent as it might look during the day, it becomes filled with young people after dark. Mostly known by locals but if you meet some Italians and ask them where to go to chill, they will most likely take you there.

Maybe it's not the cleanest area but it has this vibrant atmosphere and you can see the nightlife in Milan not only in nightclubs or bars. Navigli is also good just for walks by the water, if you want to explore some new areas of the city.

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