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Beas de Granada

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Beas de Granada

Published by Patricia Ioana — 5 years ago

Beas de Granada, a village in the province of Granada, preserves important historical remains and legends from its Roman past. The village also offers influence by the Moors and the Reconquista, the period of about 800 years during which the Iberian Peninsula that was reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs.

Situated in the entrance of Beas de Granada you can find a statue about which a legend still is present in the village. Legend has it that in times of the Reyes Católicos, the married catholic monarchs Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon, a rich merchant had constructed two statues, called El Fraile and La Fraila. He constructed the first one to hide his fortune before he went into battle. In order to mislead potential thieves he built another similar statue and positioned it opposite to the first one. For many thousand years this treasure has been desired and searched for which has led to the destruction of the statue La Fraila. Nowadays only one statue remains and the treasure still has not been discovered.

Beas de Granada was founded as a passing point for many tradesmen. Today its name, meaning road, and remains of an antique roman paved way, remind of these early times.

One of the most important monuments for you to visit in Beas de Granada is the Fuente de los Leones, a copy of the Patio de los Leones of the Alhambra in Granada city.

Built atop of a mosque in the 14thcentury, the parish church Iglesia Parroquial de la Inmaculada is also worth a visit.

Beas de Granada is situated very close to the Sierra de Huétor, a natural reserve, with hiking trails for enjoying your country holidays.

If you like the typical granadian handicrafts you can purchase traditional carpets calledalfombas, jarapas, which are tapestries and jarapas alpujarreñas, typical carpets in lively colours made in traditional weaving machines.

The cuisine is very well known for the typicalmosto, a grape juice that goes well with dishes like costillas con setas, which are ribs with mushrooms, orpotajes de garbanzos, a typical hotpot with garbanzo, a kind of chickpea and wheat.

Its wine producing tradition has led to celebrate the Fiesta del Mosto, a festive day on the 6th of January, which at the same time is the día de Reyes (Twelfth Day).

Beas de Granada is located about 30 kilometres (17 miles) from the Granada city centre. To get there take the A-44 motorway in the direction to Albolote, a small town north of Granada. Then go on the A-92 motorway in direction to Sierra de Huétor and you reach your destination.

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