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'Delengua' School

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One of the most memorable experiences

Translated by Anonymous . — 4 years ago

Original text by Anne-Sophie Maitrepierre

I stayed at the Delengua School for six weeks, and I don't regret a thing about choosing this school.

There's nothing like this place for learning Spanish!

The teaching staff are extremely professional; they always listen and help in the slightest of difficulties.

The class are mainly of a small number, which makes language-learning easier. Moreover, it is located in Granada, a beautiful city full of prestigious buildings - the sights are endless.

I would definitely recommend the Delengua School, if you're looking for a place to learn Spanish.

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The best experience in Spain!

Translated by Anonymous . — 3 years ago

Original text by Angela Gentile

I've attended intensive Spanish classes at the Delengua School for 4 weeks, before preparing myself for my final Spanish essay and, if I could, I would make that decision again every day! At the Delengua School, I met the best teachers, who were always kind and available whenever I asked for explanations, even if it was to do with something not related to the main topic in the lesson. In the group lessons, there were never more than 8 students in a class, and this allowed me to actively participate in the class, and this made it easier to make friends.

One of the things that I preferred most at the school was the weekly activities: every day there was something different to do: it was sure fun!

I met fantastic people and I discovered a marvellous town! Thank you, Delengua!

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The best place to learn Spanish

Translated by Anonymous . — 3 years ago

Original text by Huile DOlive Oil

The Delengua school is the best option for you to learn Spanish and to improve your level of language, in a young and fun atmosphere, under the Andalusian sun and in a magical setting that allows you to discover the 1001 wonders of Granada and its surroundings.

When it comes to the classes and the teachers, both are adapted to your level and catered to your needs (which isn't often the case with language schools), and this allows you to participate and really practice your language freely, and with confidence. Furthermore, the sizes of the group are small, so you can easily make friends with other students as well as your teachers, and this makes it easier for you to change and improve your oral skills within the small class makes a real difference from language classes at school, and at university.

Another advantage is that there are numerous activities organised, trips to Cordoba, the Sierra Nevada mountains, or to the beach... and at least once a week, a tapas night is organised so students can eat at some of the best places in town (plus, tapas is free in Granada with every drink).

To sum it up, if you're still hesitant, just being able to stay in a great place like Granada should make you want to embark on this adventure. You won't be disappointed, and you'll want to return for sure!

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Delengua: Sure to be my best experience!

Translated by Will Parkinson — 3 years ago

Original text by Amelie Clark

When I arrived at Delengua, just 18 years old and having recently acquired my bac, I had 5 years of Spanish but could barely speak two sentences in a row, and rarely understood the answer...

I had two wonderful weeks, which went by so quickly that I felt like I had just arrived when it was already time to leave. Everything makes a wonderful experience in Delengua: the courses, the professors, the activities, the welcoming atmosphere, the school in the heart of the Albaícin, the shared houses, and meeting with great, motivated, dynamic, and amusing people from all over the world.

I came to study Spanish, but I did not expect to progress so much while at the same time feeling as if I was on vacation, and it was the best spent vacation of my life!

It's a perfect compromise to obtain a good level and enjoy summertime in Granada. I loved it so much that now when I speak Spanish (at least once a day during my translation studies), I think of Delengua, and the experience I had that made me enjoy speaking Spanish, and want to discover Spanish culture.

Too bad they don't have French courses; I would have applied to teach there in a playful and interactive way, in a unique atmosphere and framework!

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