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A special person in a special city

Published by Silvia Sbaiz — 2 years ago


This article deals with my trip to Granada in September and is dedicated to a person that takes a special place in my heart.

Early September. 35 degrees. Madrid. Let's start the adventure.

At the beginning, I thought that this trip would be an Odyssey. The reason? The duration of the journey: 7 am to 13 pm by bus. Yes, you heard it well, by bus. But at that time I felt unstoppable, I just wanted to travel around Spain and discover the inner gems. That's why I've accepted this "way of moving".

Rewind. I set the alarm clock at 5 am, 5. 10 am, 5. 15 am... all of them have been Immediatly turned off. Woke up in the dark, kicked the feet on the door. I was definitely ready to beginn the day. After a rush run I arrived at the meeting point, but.. where are all? I looked above and they were all waiting for me on the bus. I jumped on and all were pointing their eyes on me like "why Italians are always late? ". Well, I think it's a stereotype. Maybe the problem is that the others, the foreigners, come too early!

Anyway, I was sit in my seat ready to sleep. No. It wasn't possible. By my side there was a Polish girl that kept on talking and I only replied saying "yes; no; me too.. " but probably she didn't get that I was disappointed because she never stopped and she kept me awake. It's nothing personal, but baby, it's 7 am. Shout up please. By the way, this girl, has become one of my best friends in Madrid.


When we arrived in Granada we immediatly go to the city centre to start exploring this ancient town.

I forgot to tell you that I was the coordinator of this group of 50 people. Why? simply because I used to work for Be Madrid. It is a community of exchange students that promote trips around Spain and Portugal, events and activities around the city, night parties etc. Everything you need to know about Madrid will be provided you by them, that is way I invite you to join this group.

I was telling you about the visit to the city centre that was not so far from the hotel were we were hosted. We walked for 20 minutes under the sun and all of us were completely sweating. We waited for the tourist guide that gave us some advices due to reach the main attraction and some historical details about the city.

Granada has its origin in the Arabic world because the Moslem empire stretched right up into the north of Spain. It succumbed to the Catholics monarchs in 1492 and after that date the Moslems and the Jews were forced to leave the country or to convert into the new religion. At the same time an important event enriched this year, because Christopher Columbus came to Granada to ask for money due to finance his voyage.

After this brief explanation of the facts that occured in Granada, we were ready to go in the inner part of the city. What attracted most my attention was a shop, on the right side of the street, which sell colourful lanterns. I have attached the photo because it was breathtaking. When I saw them it seems to me to be transported back in times and I imagined my self in the Arabic empire. There was a particular atmosphere inside. I still can fell the perfume of the incense, different story fragrances that captured my feelings.

I would have spent more time in this "Lugar" because it is the typical locus amoenus in which you can leave your mind fly freely. It is not an exaggeration but my mind ran to different places and empires.


After this moment of contemplation we walked to a rooftop in which the tourist guide stopped and explained the typical terraces that sorrounded Granada. He said that the most expensive houses are those from which you can see directly the Alhambra Palace.

I have to add a detail. Cars are not allowed to move in the centre.

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